Level 2+ and Level 3 Wednesday August 22

Level 2+

We will follow the L3’s up to Danforth Rd We will head head from there to Gully Rd. and will follow Highway #2 back to the start point. This route is 20 km long.

Ride Time: 6pm
Ride Start Industrial Park on Willmot
Ride Leader: Mike
Route: TBD

Level 3

Depart from Willmott Street and the route traverses the hills north-east of Baltimore

Ride Time: 6pm
Ride Start: Industrial Park on Willmot
Ride Leader: Raff or Roberto
Route: L2/3 Gabion Gaboon


    • Great ! You can help us remember the slightly less hilly route you took us on last year if we all start complaining about the hills ! It was a memorable ride for me last year.

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