L2+; L3 Wednesday August 8

Note: Earlier Start Time

Level 2+

The route (24km.) follows the Waterfront Trail to Station Road in Baltimore. We will make our way up to Highway 2 and follow it back to the start point.were we will .

Start Time: 6pm
Start Location: Industrial Park on Willmott
Ride Leader: Mike

Level 3

The route Roberto has selected for this ride is “To County Rd 9 and back”. He intends to shorten the route by not going all the way to Hamilton and by avoiding Williamson.

Start Time: 6pm
Start Location: Arena on furnace Street
Ride Leader: Roberto
Route: To Follow


  1. Weather not looking good at present. Will make final call at 16:50. High heat and quickly generated thunder storms a recipe for disaster. I’ll be tending on the side of safety!! Allan

    • Agreed. According to radar it should clear up by 6:00-6:15. Making call at the starting point at 6:00. See you there Sapper.

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