Level 4 rides: Aug 21 and Aug 23

Tuesday August 21: Level 4 (35k)

Time to climb some hills! That includes the Jamieson Twins. But hey, it’s late in the season, so you are strong! We have 126 minutes of daylight, so we’re going for some speed too! And, this one doesn’t include Bickle Hill so it’s all good.
Start time: 6:00
Ride Leader: Anita Macklin
Sunset: 8:06pm
Route map: 35km “Hills o Plenty” route map link on Ride with GPS
Start location: Hamilton Township Municipal Offices on Burnham St.

Thursday August 23: Level 4 (44k)

Ha! We skipped out on Bickle Hill on Tuesday but we re doing it Thursday. Approaching from the East side so it’s a little less steep. 🙀
Ride Leader: Anita Macklin
Start time: 6:00
Sunset: 8:02pm
Route map: link on Ride with GPS
Start location: Parking lot at Cobourg Dog park on Ontario St.

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