Level 4 rides: Tuesday August 7, Thursday August 9

Tuesday August 7: Level 4 (44k)

Ride Leader: TBD
Start time: 6:00
Sunset: 8:27pm
Route map: Baltimore-Rice Lake-Camborne 44km route option
Start location: Parking lot at St. Mary’s school (north side)

Thursday August 9: Level 4 (44k)

Ride Leader: Anita Macklin
Start time: 6:00
Sunset: 8:24pm
Route map: Centerton and Grafton 44km route option
Start location: Cobourg Community Centre


  1. We have no available ride leader for the Level 4 ride tonight (Tuesday) so if you are planning to ride, everyone should work together with each other and have a map available for navigation. Wouldn’t want anyone getting lost, eh!

  2. Ok everyone….I’m monitoring the forecast and there is a severe thunderstorm watch. Radar is inconclusive at the moment. I’ll make the final call around 5:45 about whether to proceed (looking doubtful).

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