Level 3 Monday September 17

This 35km. ride will be out of Port Hope and will be led by Allan.

Start Time: 5:30
Ride Leader: Allan
Route Map: L3APD – Bulwark Bewegung
Start Location: King’s Field Port Hope

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7 Responses to Level 3 Monday September 17

  1. Allan says:

    OK so some of you complain we always go up hill at the start of the ride! Well I’ve listened to you. We start this one going downhill but you may live to regret that……! No nothing too drastic. Shorter ride to ensure were back before sundown. Look forward to seeing you all. The Old Sapper.

  2. Tara D wilson says:

    I’ll be there!

  3. Jim keill says:

    Is MCCelland Rd not still gravel

  4. Raff Melito says:

    Oh Allan , I am sure to regret my comments about starting on the uphills !

    We ride McLellan on Friday and it was well packed.

    And yes I plan to ride !

  5. RobertoA says:

    Kellogg is being gravelled. Prolly best to avoided it by taking County Road 10 south to 4th Line.

  6. Doug Yates says:

    Planning to ride today.

  7. Bill Glover says:

    I shall be there.

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