Level 4 ride: Tuesday Sept. 18 (Final Level 4 ride)

Tuesday Sept. 19: Level 4 ride (90min)

Another hot sunny day for us! And we’re going for some speed on the flats. Meet at Donegan Park and we’ll head out Waterfront Trail Eastbound for 45 minutes then return. Easy stuff, no hills, but that means you can ride crazy fast! Please note that this will be the last official Level 4 Tuesday evening ride of the season. Days are getting just too darn short! There’s still the All Levels Ride on Wednesday though folks, so it ain’t over yet! Watch for rides on weekends and the occasional weekdays as weather permits.
Ride Leader: Anita Macklin
Start time:
Sunset: 7:16pm
Route: no map required, take Waterfront Trail East
Start location: Donegan Park (D’Arcy St.)

NOTICE: No Level 4 ride on Thursday

Note: Due to the All Levels Ride the previous night, there will not be a Level 4 ride on Thursday.


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