Skiing in the forest today! Starting out easy!

Short notice, but we are going to meet at Beagle Club and go out for a ski today, Wednesday, November 21. Nothing too crazy, sticking to the easy routes. It’s a perfect opportunity to get a feel for those skis if you need a little practice.

Start time: 2:00pm
Difficulty Level: Beginner!
Location: Beagle Club Trailhead
Ski leader: Anita Macklin

If you think you can make it, leave a comment to let us and others know to expect you. Honestly, leaving a comment really does encourage others to come out!


    • Well, we can’t promise flat because nothing in the forest is flat. But we’ll take the easiest trail and go at a nice easy pace, working at a beginner level. Don’t worry! You’ll do fine!

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