Tuesday Dec 11 Morning Hike-Explore

More exploring! Somehow we always manage to find new discoveries. This week Anita will lead the way to somewhere…about 7-8km. We’ll pop into the Dutch Oven afterward for coffee. We usually finish around 11am, so if you aren’t up for the hike, you can always join us for the social coffee time.

Start time: 9:30
Hike leader: Anita
Start location: Parking lot behind the Dutch Oven

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7 Responses to Tuesday Dec 11 Morning Hike-Explore

  1. Petra says:

    I’ll be there

  2. Bruce B says:

    A mystery hike! How can I resist?

  3. paul m says:

    See you there.

  4. Shabbir Maju says:

    Planning to be there.

  5. Bruce Bellaire says:

    Whoops, just realized I have a meeting in Campbellford at 10. Sorry to miss the walk. Have a great explore everyone!

  6. Roy Martin9 says:

    I will walk

  7. Rick says:

    Maaike andi will walk

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