Cross Country Ski Workshop at Cycle Transitions: Tuesday, January 22nd

Whether you are a novice or experienced skier, this cross country ski workshop may be of interest to you. We’ll cover various topics such as what should you wear as well as bring along in your pack, types of skis – what’s best for individual skiers and best for conditions, where to ski in Northumberland County and beyond, and waxing instruction for those who use wax skis (and by the way, “waxless” skis actually need occasional waxing!).

We need to know how many will be attending so please tell us if you plan to join us by emailing Cycle Transitions at:

Date: Tuesday, January 22nd
Time: 7:00 pm
Location: Cycle Transitions, 390 King Street West, Cobourg
Presenters: Rick Nonnekes, Bruce Bellair, Maria Siemiaszko
Cost: if you are already a Cycle Transitions member, there is no cost. If you are a member of NHCC but not CT, you can either purchase a monthly CT membership for $10, or a full single membership for $35 (or family membership $55) which entitles you access to all workshops and use of the facility and tools during shop hours.

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9 Responses to Cross Country Ski Workshop at Cycle Transitions: Tuesday, January 22nd

  1. Petra Hartwig says:

    Count me in. Bring our own skis?

    • Maria Siemiaszko says:

      As this is a general clinic rather than a waxing clinic, there’s no need to bring your skis unless you have some questions about them. If there is enough interest, we can offer a waxing clinic at a later date.

  2. Randy Albon says:

    Anita and I plan on attending. Great idea!

  3. Heather Read says:

    I’m planning to come Maria

  4. Bill Glover says:

    As Randy said, great idea. Count me in.
    Cheque or cash for membership?

  5. Freda Dong says:

    Mike and I plan on coming. Thank you!

  6. Debbie Parks says:

    I plan to attend and will happily get a Cycle Transitions membership
    Thank you for organizing!

  7. Pam Tate says:

    Thanks for doing this! I plan on attending and will buy a membership while there.

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