Friday, February 1st: Afternoon Ski

The trails are in excellent shape and it’ll be a couple of degrees warmer Friday so we’ll get out for another ski.
I won’t be skiing this weekend so if anyone else would like to organize a cross country ski (or snowshoe), send me all pertinent details and I can post it for you.
Date: Friday, February 1st
Start Time: 1:00
Meeting Location: parking lot at Beagle Club
Ski Organizer: Maria Siemiaszko


    • Hi Sharye, we won’t be going super fast today and I’d say it will be more of an intermediate ski but I am sure you will be fine. We’ll stay together but with the very cold temperatures we won’t stop for too long so that we don’t get chilled. I have some routes in mind and they lend themselves to opting out early if need be.

  1. Thanks Maria, much appreciated but I think I’ll wait until I get more practice in. Will head out to the flatter trails. Enjoy your skiing.

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