Monday, February 18th: Afternoon Ski

With some fresh new snow expected overnight and in the morning, the skiing should be great! Bring fluids and a snack for an afternoon skiing fun!
Date: Monday, February 17th
Start Time: 1:00
Meeting Location: parking lot at Beagle Club
Ski Organizer: Maria Siemiaszko

An extra note: someone skied on the blue trail while it was slushy on Friday. This has now frozen into a rutted mess which is almost worse that the damage walkers inflict. Please stay off the ski trails when they are slushy!

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3 Responses to Monday, February 18th: Afternoon Ski

  1. Bill Glover says:

    Unless there is a overnight miracle cure, I must give a pass to Monday skiing. Really bummed. Cough and head cold are sticking close.

  2. Freda says:

    Mike and I will be skiing.

  3. maaike says:

    I’ll be there.

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