Level 1 Rides: May 6 & 8

A few reminders about Level 1 rides. If you are new to cycling or haven’t cycled in many years, Level 1 is the place to start. We discuss the Highway Traffic Act and what is expected from cyclists. You will learn how to ride safely and confidently in traffic.

Level 1 offers instructional rides for new cyclists at a leisurely steady pace but in a relaxing environment. Safe cycling practices and bike handling skills are developed. Experienced cyclists sometimes participate in order to enjoy a slower social ride and the opportunity to mentor others.

  • Any type of bike goes—mountain bike, hybrid, road bike, beach cruiser.
  • Easy, fun pace, lots of social talk time.
  • No fancy spandex bike shorts required!
  • Experienced ride leader to show the way.
  • No experience necessary (though you need to know how to actually ride your bike)
  • Best for those who have no idea how far they can ride.
  • Distances between 10 and 20 km total distance at a nice slow pace.
  • Learn group riding techniques (from a recreational perspective).
  • Frequent stops as needed. May sometimes stop for ice-cream, freezies, or soft-drinks.
  • You will never be abandoned on the road.
  • Experienced riders to encourage you along

These are fun rides. Great for any age, any fitness level, and any bike. Helmets are essential! (We never compromise safety).

Level 1: Monday, May 6

Ride leader:  Dennis Benson
Start time: 6:30 pm
Start location:  Diamond Head Industrial Mall at 210 Willmott Street, Cobourg


Level 1: Wednesday, May 8

Ride leader:  Dennis Benson
Start time: 6:30 pm
Start location:  Donegan Park, D’Arcy Street, Cobourg

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