Ride Cancellation Notice: No rides tonight, Tuesday May 14

It’s the Daily Ride Cancellation Notice! Too cold…too extremely miserable. If it were only rain, or only cold we could deal with it, but the combination of the two means we are just going to cancel, yet again. Let’s hold out hope for tomorrow night’s All Levels Ride, and perhaps we can ALL ride if the weather allows.


  1. If anyone is going out let me know, weather saying rain is done and it will be 12 and light wind.

  2. I like your forecast better! 🙂 The WeatherCan app shows 60% chance of rain and 9C. Environment Canada says 60% showers, and Accuweather says 8c and showers at 6:00 and 8:00.

  3. I’ve been following the weather network all afternoon. Less than 30 percent chance of rain and low of 9 after 8pm.

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