Level 4 Rides: June 11 and 12

Tuesday June 11, Level 4 (48k)

We’ll try yet again! Weather keeps postponing this nice route that takes us up Ferguson and Sully (with a few other roads in between), toward Harwood. Then we return all the way back down Harwood Rd. Hey, with 2 hours and 23 minutes we’ll have enough time to squeeze out 48km!

Ride Leader: Randy Albon
Start time: 6:30
Sunset: 8:53pm
Elevation: 404m
Route map: 48km “The Dog Park to Harwood and Back” Link to map on Ride with GPS
Start location: Parking lot at Cobourg Dog park on Ontario St.

Wednesday June 12: (44k)

This ride has been re-scheduled and now taking place on Wednesday.  It doesn’t get dark until almost 9:00! Leaves time for a 44km ride with time to spare. And since this route doesn’t have any crazy climbs, you should get a nice & speedy ride in!
Ride Leader: Randy Albon
Start time: 6:30
Sunset: 8:54pm
Elevation:  351m
Route map: 44km Camborne to Bewdley and Back Link to route on Ride with GPS
Start location: Hamilton Township Municipal Office

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