Level 3/4 Group Ride: Wednesday July 10

This Wednesday we’ll do a combined Level 3 & 4 ride again. This means that both levels will start from the same location and the first 20km is the same for both but:
Level 3: rides 39km in a group at a casual pace with a ride leader and a sweep.
Level 4: leaves 5 minutes earlier, rides at a faster pace and completes an extra 18km. There will be a ride leader but no sweep.

It’s a great opportunity to set out with the Level 4 crowd if you feel up to it and then drop back with the Level 3 group ride if you decide to.

Ride Leader: Allan Dennis (L3), and Anita Macklin (L4)
Start time: 6:30 (L4) and 6:35 (L3)
Sunset: 8:54pm
Route maps: Level 3, 37km route map, and Level 4, 56km route map
Elevation: 346m (L3), and 482m (L4)
Start location: Parking lot at the Industrial park, 210 Willmott St. Cobourg


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