Level 4: Thursday July 25 is Hill climbing time!

It’s time for some Hills! But don’t worry…. there’s plenty of nice speedy downhill too. This is a self-navigated ride, meaning that you can make it what you want, and that includes pace—no requirement to ride at lightning speed, though the option is there should you wish! That’s why we recommend that you check in with a few others, or leave a comment letting people know your intention in order to ensure there’s a few others coming along with the same mindset regarding speed. Important: Please leave a comment if you intend to ride.

Coordinator: Randy Albon
Start time: 6:30pm
Sunset: 8:43pm
Route map: 46km Bickle, Jamieson’s and More route map on Ride With GPS
Elevation: 403m
Start location: The Dog Park on Ontario St.


  1. I would foolishly like to climb these hills including Jamieson twins ugly stepsister McBride. I would self navigate and be more of a Level 3 pace especially on the hills. And would ride a bit shorter by cutting off the turn north on Burnham(?) Making it 39km. Anyone with me?

  2. I’m riding tonight and may opt for a tad shorter with Debbie as we are expecting a warm showers guest tonight.

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