Weekend Ride: Sunday, July 14th

Three distance options for a beautiful sunshiny bicycle ride this Sunday morning! We will start at the Sylvan Glen Conservation area in Port Hope.  Distances are 35 km, 43 km or 64 km.  If you are planning to ride, please comment and include your preferred distance.  Please come prepared with a map, lots of water and some extra cash in case we stop for a treat.

Start time: 10:00 am
Ride Co-ordinator: Debbie Parks
Route maps:  35K Route  43K Route  64K Route
Start Location: Sylvan Glen Conservation Area, Port Hope (map below)


  1. Although I haven’t got around to actually joining the NHCC this year (shame on me!), I plan to be there and to ride the 64 km route. I will bring the required paperwork with me 🙂

  2. I don’t know why it replied to someone lol. My partner Dan and I will be attending for the 43km!

  3. HI Sorry for the last minute message. I had a flat tire just when I was leaving home and Olga came to help me, but my spare tire didn’t fit. I think I bought the wrong size. We will not be able to make it, as I need to go and buy a new tire. I am so sorry… I hope you have lots of fun today.

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