Level 1 Rides: August 12th and August 14th

Level 1 Ride: Monday, August 12th

This ride will start from the parking lot at the Port Hope High School.  This will be an easy level one ride with lots of stops for rest and hydration. Hey, our club motto is We ride for fun, fitness and friendship And there’s plenty of that in Level 1!
Ride Leader: Dennis Benson
Start time: 6:00 pm
Sunset:8:20 pm
Start Location: Port Hope high school parking lot at 130 Highland Dr.

Level 1 Ride: Wednesday, August 14th

Starting point Grafton Public School, head south along Station Rd, ride along lake. Beautiful peaceful ride. Ride to the turn around and back same way. Turn left on lakeshore then left to Nawautin Nature Sanctuary Trail , we will walk our bikes along the trail and enjoy the peacefulness of the sanctuary. Back to Grafton Public School. We will take breaks to refuel.
Ride Leader: Janine Turk
Start time: 6:00 pm
Sunset: 8:17 pm
Start location: The parking lot at the Grafton Public School on 654 Station Rd.

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