L3 Ride: Monday

L3 Ride: Monday 30 September

Sad day! This will be our last scheduled L3 ride of the 2019 Cycling Season. There may be opportunities to get together for Ad Hoc rides; time and weather dependent – so watch for posts or calls on social media. Unfortunately I (The Old Sapper) will not be able to make this ride as I have to present myself in Scarborough at 08:15am the next morning for my Canadian Citizenship Test! Mike is leading this Finale so do get out and support this final effort. Simple route up and down Shelter Valley. Remember the lights and to fully charge them. Enjoy!

Ride Leader: Mike Collins

Start Time: 5:30pm (Prompt Please!)

Sunset: 6:54pm

Route Map: L3 APD – L3 2019 Finale. (Link to RWGPS.)

Distance and Elevation: 34km and 2oom

Start Point: Haldimand Memorial Arena, Route 2, Grafton.


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