L3 Rides: Monday and Wednesday

L3 Ride: Monday 16 September

So as you’d expect the evenings continue to get even shorter! Tonight’s ride is therefore a little shorter than last week’s rides and with not so much climbing in the hope that we can keep a good steady pace and crack this very scenic 35km ride before the sun actually sets.  Not sure who the leader is yet but will post a comment on the web when Mike and I have managed to communicate……

Ride Leader: Allan Dennis / Mike Collins / TBC
Start Time: 6:00pm
Sunset: 7:20pm
Route Map: L3 APD – Girouard’s Gambit (Link to RWGPS)
Distance and Elevation: 35km and +237m
Start Location: Kings Field Ballpark, Port Hope (East)


L3 Ride: Wednesday 18 September

What a surprise even less light this evening! So even shorter route I’m afraid, 30km, but with a few gentle climbs to get the heart working. Should definitely crack this route before sundown. We may like to discuss if an earlier start, say 5:45pm or 5:30, is manageable with work schedules, travel distances etc. Ditto re who’s leading.

Ride Leader: TBC
Start Time: 5:30pm
Sunset: 7:16pm
Route Map: L3 APD – Swinton’s Sunset. (Link to RWGPS.)
Distance and Elevation: 30km and +255m
Start Location: Cobourg Arena, Furnace St, Cobourg


  1. Just in case you were wondering. I’m leading this evening and Mike is doing the honours on Wednesday. Please be prompt! Allan

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