Level 2 Rides: Tues Sept 17 and Thurs Sept 19

Tues Sept 17 Level 2 Ride: St. Mary’s Grafton

Just a reminder that Level 2’s Tuesday’s rides are a “Steady” Ride (that is, lower end of the average speed and distance, more moderate hills with more frequent stops).

David Hutzel is taking us from St. Mary’s in Grafton, out along the Waterfront Trail to the Keeler Centre in Colborne. Please remember your lights and be prompt so we can make the most of the available daylight. Chime in using the comment button so we can know to expect you.

Start Time: 6pm
Ride Leader: David Hutzel
Start Location: St. Mary’s Church parking lot, Lyle St. South Grafton


Thurs Sept 19 Level 2 Ride: 210 Willmott St. Cobourg

Surprise! Geoffrey Honey is leading the “Training” ride because all of our Training Ride Leaders are not available. As with our Thursday tradition, there will be some hill (2 long slow ones) involved but we will stop to catch our breath at the top. Since I am unaccustomed to leading such rides much panting and huffing and puffing may be heard on my part.

We will start at the parking lot at the industrial complex at 210 Willmott St. (Sleep Country), head out on the Waterfront Trail to Grafton. Turn up Station Rd back to Hwy 2. Head back to Cobourg but turn right up the Gully Rd hill then whisk down the Danforth Rd to Brookside and Hwy 2 back to Cobourg.

Bring lights, water, helmet, bike and determination and I will take care of the rest:)

Start time: 6pm
Ride Leader: Geoffrey Honey
Start Location: Willmott Industrial Plaza parking lot (Sleep Country) 210 Willmott St. Cobourg.


  1. Given the distance and the hills between Lakeport and Colborne (a couple of good ones), the ride will be closer to two hours. I strongly recommend you start at 5:30!

  2. Hi Everyone. Spoke with David our ride leader and he and others can’t make earlier time. We will scoot to our collective ability and head back to prevent total darkness.

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