L3 Ride: Monday

L3 Ride: Monday 30 September

Sad day! This will be our last scheduled L3 ride of the 2019 Cycling Season. There may be opportunities to get together for Ad Hoc rides; time and weather dependent – so watch for posts or calls on social media. Unfortunately I (The Old Sapper) will not be able to make this ride as I have to present myself in Scarborough at 08:15am the next morning for my Canadian Citizenship Test! Mike is leading this Finale so do get out and support this final effort. Simple route up and down Shelter Valley. Remember the lights and to fully charge them. Enjoy!

Ride Leader: Mike Collins

Start Time: 5:30pm (Prompt Please!)

Sunset: 6:54pm

Route Map: L3 APD – L3 2019 Finale. (Link to RWGPS.)

Distance and Elevation: 34km and 2oom

Start Point: Haldimand Memorial Arena, Route 2, Grafton.

L3 Rides: Monday and Wednesday

L3 Ride: Monday 23 September

Now that we have a little more time, with our 5:30pm start time, lets strive to complete this 36km route before sunset at 7:07pm! Should be a piece of cake the way we’ve been riding the past few weeks. For the observant among you, you may recognise this route as our old Vimy Ridge favorite, but in reverse.
Ride Leader: Allan Dennis
Start Time: 5:30pm
Sunset: 7:07pm
Route Map: L3 APD – Burgoyne’s Barnstorm. (Link with RWGPS.)
Distance and Elevation: 36km and 307m
Start Location: Cobourg Arena, Furnace St, Cobourg


L3 Ride: Wednesday 25 September

There is of course no posted L3 ride for this Wednesday as, being the third Wednesday of the month, there will be a Club All Levels Ride – which we are all strongly encouraged to support!  Look forward to seeing “all y’all” there and take the opportunity to chat over a beer afterwards. Watch out for the separate post from our “Extraordinary” President – Debs!

L3 Rides: Monday And Wednesday

Notice To All L3 Riders:

In an attempt to make maximum use of all remaining L3 evening rides and to be able to ride a meaningful distance (30-35kms) we will start our rides at 5:30pm for the remainder of the season. This new time will be effective from our ride this Wednesday, 18 Sept. The detailed post for this ride has been amended accordingly.

L3 Rides: Monday and Wednesday

L3 Ride: Monday 16 September

So as you’d expect the evenings continue to get even shorter! Tonight’s ride is therefore a little shorter than last week’s rides and with not so much climbing in the hope that we can keep a good steady pace and crack this very scenic 35km ride before the sun actually sets.  Not sure who the leader is yet but will post a comment on the web when Mike and I have managed to communicate……

Ride Leader: Allan Dennis / Mike Collins / TBC
Start Time: 6:00pm
Sunset: 7:20pm
Route Map: L3 APD – Girouard’s Gambit (Link to RWGPS)
Distance and Elevation: 35km and +237m
Start Location: Kings Field Ballpark, Port Hope (East)


L3 Ride: Wednesday 18 September

What a surprise even less light this evening! So even shorter route I’m afraid, 30km, but with a few gentle climbs to get the heart working. Should definitely crack this route before sundown. We may like to discuss if an earlier start, say 5:45pm or 5:30, is manageable with work schedules, travel distances etc. Ditto re who’s leading.

Ride Leader: TBC
Start Time: 5:30pm
Sunset: 7:16pm
Route Map: L3 APD – Swinton’s Sunset. (Link to RWGPS.)
Distance and Elevation: 30km and +255m
Start Location: Cobourg Arena, Furnace St, Cobourg

Level 3 Rides: Monday and Wednesday

Level 3 Ride: Monday 9 September

Well 36 Kms worked last week so lets try something similar again this Monday. One Km more and a few minutes less daylight so once again we’ll need to start promptly! Route takes us up to St Anne’s Spa, where I’m sure we’ll take a breather and take some time to reflect on our national Patron Saint and then a great run down Academy Hill Road – but it’s deceptive – be warned! Remember your lights.
Ride Leader: Allan Dennis
Start Time: 6:00pm (Prompt please or we’ll leave without you!)
Sunset: 7:33pm
Route Map: L3 APD – Hobarts Hurrah! (Link to RWGPS.)
Distance and Elevation: 37.3 km + 298 m
Start Location: Parking Lot at 210 Wilmot Street, Cobourg

Level 3 Ride: Wednesday 11 September

Ok I think we’ll need to start acknowledging the lack of daylight and cut this one down to 36 kms but don’t worry there are a several hills to ensure you can burn off a few calories and get those endorphins flowing!  The views from the top of Jamison is superb (but you’ll not have to climb it just descend) and from the top of Bickle (which you’ll have to earn the hard way) make it all worth while.  There are a number of short cuts if it all gets too much. Again lights will be required.

Ride Leader: Mike Collins
Start Time: 6:00pm (Again prompt please or Ditto.)
Sunset: 7:29pm
Route Map: L3 APD – Rock’s Rampage. (Link to RWGPS.)
Distance and Elevation: 36 Km and + 465m
Start Location: Cobourg Arena, Furnace St.

Level 3 Ride: Wednesday

Please Note: There will be no Monday night L3 Ride due to the Labour Day Holiday – have a great Weekend!

Level 3 Ride: Wednesday 4 September

The nights are getting shorter so a slightly shorter ride this evening. Some old roads, some new roads, different directions but all put together for what we hope is an enjoyable late season ride. Please do remember your lights – we will probably be chasing the last of the light as we head back to the start point.

Ride Leader: Allan Dennis
Start Time: 6:00pm
Sunset: 7:42pm
Route Map: L3 APD – Dobbie’s Debut (Link to details on RWGPS)
Distance & Elevation: 36.7km, +264m
Start Point: Hamilton Twp Council Offices Car Park