ALL LEVELS RIDE: Wednesday May 15

Its the first of our once-monthly All Levels Ride and Social (Cobourg)! So, what does that even mean? All Levels Rides are a monthly opportunity for all NHCC members to ride together, with the option to try out one of the other levels on an out-and-back route where nobody gets lost.

There will be 4 designated pace-setters among the group, riding at each of the NHCC defined Levels (1-4). Just pick the level you want to try, and follow that pace setter to see what riding at that level really feels like. If you change your mind mid-ride, no problem, just slow down and wait for a group that’s riding at the speed you like. The All Levels Ride is ideal if you think you’d like to feel what the other levels are like without committing.

It’s easy: We ride for 45 minutes (or less depending on your Level) then turn around and head back the same way you went. This ensures everyone finishes at the same time for the optional social part where we head indoors for drinks, wings, social time and meeting others. This time the Oasis Bar and Grill will be our chosen spot!

Time: 6:30–8:00pm (ride) 8:00-9:30pm (social–The Oasis Bar and Grill)
Start location:  Parking lot on Albert Street behind the Dutch Oven and Craft Food House

Sunday Ride: May 19

It’s long weekend time! For those that don’t head out of town, we will try again for the 36, 43 or 64km route that was recently rained out. These three route options are relatively nice & easy. We head out along the Lakeshore and turn north at different points depending on your chosen distance. Ride leaders will be established as the week progresses and folks weigh in with who may be riding in each of the groups. The start point will be Sylvan Glen Conservation Area in Port Hope.

Start time: 10:00am
Route Maps: (36km) Short Route, (43km) Medium Route, or (64km) Long Route
Start location: Sylvan Glen Conservation Area

IMPORTANT: Please leave a comment so that we can anticipate numbers and also assign ride leaders for the various distances if needed.

Student Summer Employment Opportunity at Cycle Transitions

Cycle Transitions is pleased to announce that it has again secured a Canada Summer Works grant for the purposes of hiring a student to work in the shop. This is a repeat of the last three years – very successful endeavours – where our summer employee tended to the shop, assisted patrons and took care of sales. This year we will hire another student to fill that role.
This is a call for applicants; if you know of someone who could ably fill this role, please have them send their cover letter and resume to Bruce Bellaire – or Rick Nonnekes – Our application deadline is May 21, the projected start date to be near the end of May or the beginning of June. The grant allows for 9 weeks at 30 hours per week with an hourly pay rate at $15. A copy of the job description can be found here.

Weekend Ride, Levels 2+, 3 and 4: Sunday, May 5, 2019

Debbie ParksMeet your Ride Coordinator: Debbie is the current president of the NHCC and she also leads a variety of rides at different levels. She’s been with the NHCC for a number of years and has previously served as Secretary. Debbie helps shape the direction of the NHCC and always makes rides fun!

It's the first weekend ride of the 2019 season!  We will start out with a route that offers three different distance options. Sunday looks very promising for weather (Sunshine and warmth!).  We tend to start out together then break off into different pace groups according to ability. Our country roads are still a bit rough, so please be cautious.

What to expect for weekend rides: 

  • Rides vary in distance, as short as 35km or as long as 100km+ depending on the chosen route(s) for the day
  • The pace is flexible on weekends—anticipated pace will be posted along with other details. There is a little less pace structure than evening rides
  • Weekend participants should have access to a route map, either printed or available on your phone to refer to
  • There is an expectation that you be prepared in the event of a flat tire—please have a spare tube and tire changing kit with you
  • Always bring a few $$ in the event that the group stops at a convenience store etc.
  • Participants who enjoy longer distances are welcome to leave Comments to coordinate some pre-ride extra kilometres before the ride's official start time, or to plan a ride extension afterward

IMPORTANT: Please leave a comment if you plan to ride on the weekend: Ride leaders work hard to be available and try to accommodate varied abilities on weekends. Leaving a comment lets the ride leader and others anticipate potential pace groups. Many people rely on the comments feature to assess whether to ride, especially if travelling a distance by car to the start.

Start time: 10:00 am
Ride leader: Debbie Parks
Route Maps for “Uphill Downhill” route:
-Level 2+: 36K printable route map here, or link to Ride with GPS
-Level 3: 56k printable route map here, or link to Ride with GPS
-Level 4: 69k printable route map here, or link to Ride with GPS  

Start location: Cobourg Memorial Arena on Furnace St. in Cobourg


Open Call for Ride Leaders

We need your help! The strength of the NHCC ride program relies on the commitment of volunteers like you. We are looking for ride leaders for the 2019 cycling season.  The more ride leaders we have, the more variety of rides we can offer.

You don’t need to be a super cyclist, just willing to commit to showing up and leading the way.  Not necessarily every week either. You could even just be an “occasional” leader. We are looking for all levels of ride leaders – from slow leisurely riders to those speed demons who love hills!  The proposed ride schedule for 2019 is as follows:

Monday evenings: Level 1, Level 3
Tuesday evenings: Level 2, Level 4
Wednesday evenings: Level 1, Level 3
Thursday evenings: Level 2, Level 4
Weekend mornings or afternoons: This can be any level
Friday Floater rides: Level 3

Simply let us know you are willing to lead and we’ll get you ready! Submit your name and a few details in the comments and then you’ll hear from us to plan what’s next.

There’s no commitment or obligation at this point….just an expression of interest.  Thank you!!!

Three Great Workshops at Cycle Transitions!

Just in time to help you get ready for the cycling season, Cycle Transitions has three workshops scheduled for the month of April.

Spring Tune-up Workshop

Learn how to prepare your bicycle for this year’s cycling season. Adjust your derailleurs and brakes as needed, replace worn parts, clean your bike, and more This is a hands-on workshop so bring your bike.
Date: Tuesday, April 9
Location: Cycle Transitions, 390 King St. W., Cobourg
Time: 6:30-9:00 pm
Cost: free for Cycle Transition members. $35 for non-members (gives you a year’s CT membership in addition to the workshop fee). Parts extra.
Leader: Dave Singfield
How to sign up: send an email to
There is a limit of 8 persons for the workshop.  If there are more than 8 who indicate an interest, a second evening may be scheduled.

Maintenance Workshop for Women Only

Learn how to clean your bike, clean and lubricate your chain, and change a tire. This is a hands-on workshop so you will get an opportunity to practice some of these skills right away. Bring your bike and don’t wear your good clothes!
Date: Tuesday, April 16
Location: Cycle Transitions, 390 King St. W., Cobourg
Time: 6:30-9:00 pm
Cost: free for Cycle Transition members. $35 for non-members (gives you a year’s CT membership in addition to the workshop fee).
Leaders: Maria Siemiaszko, Sue Throop, Freda Dong
How to sign up: send an email to
There is a limit of 12 persons for the workshop.  If there are more than 12 that sign up, a second evening may be scheduled.

Touring Prep Workshop

Learn how to prepare for a self-guided bicycle tour with Randy and Anita, recently returned from a tour of Cuba.  If you followed their blog of the trip (, you can be assured they know all the “ins and outs” of what you’ll need and how to get ready for your tour.
Date: Tuesday, April 23
Location: Cycle Transitions, 390 King St. W., Cobourg
Time: 6:30-9:00 pm
Cost: free for Cycle Transition members. $35 for non-members (gives you a year’s CT membership in addition to the workshop fee).
Leader: Randy Albon, Anita Macklin
How to sign up: send an email to
There is a limit of 12 persons for the workshop.

NHCC Membership Night – Thursday, March 28th at the Mill

It sure doesn’t look much like Spring outside, BUT here is a sign that it is on it’s way!  The NHCC Membership Night is happening on Thursday, March 28th. Just three weeks away!  Bring a friend (or several), or just come on your own, everyone is welcome. We’ll be hanging out upstairs at The Mill Restaurant from 7:00-9:00 pm.  There are plenty of reasons to come out! Here’s just a little of what we have lined up:

    • Join the NHCC: Get your membership for just $40
    • Get a jersey from our existing (limited) inventory for cash & carry
    • Meet the ride coordinators and find out what’s new this year!
    • Pick up a 2019 ride schedule so you can start planning
    • Cycle Transitions will be on hand to answer questions about their organization
    • Information about Ontario By Bike
    • Chandel from RYB Denim may pop by again with some cool things to wear
    • Lots of NHCC folks will be on hand to answer questions and let you know what to expect

Everyone is welcome….members, non-members, friends, etc. Drop in for a drink, order up some munchies, and just be social!

NHCC Jerseys 2018

NHCC Jerseys !

  • NEW! Technical T ($40)
  • Sleeveless ($65)
  • Short Sleeve ($75)
  • NEW!  Long sleeve LIGHT ($80)
  • Long sleeve HEAVY ($85)

This is your chance to get one early in the season and be ready to roll. After Membership Night the special membership rate will end and the regular rate will apply ($45)

Date: Thursday, March 28, 2019
Place: The Mill Restaurant, upstairs (990 Ontario St.)
Time: 7–9pm

Bicycle Action Committee to Address Cobourg Council

Sustainable Cobourg’s Bicycle Action Committee (BAC) will be making a presentation to Cobourg Council’s Committee of the Whole on Tuesday, February 19 (the meeting begins at 6pm). The BAC will be making its pitch for cycling infrastructure projects for the coming year (separated path along Elgin from Strathy to St. Peter’s Cemetery) and the three remaining years of this Council (completion of the Kerr St corridor trail – a “spine” to connect a number of paths/routes).

We extend an invitation to all Northumberland Hills Cycling Club members and supporters to attend this meeting to show Council your support for these projects. The BAC has, over the last eleven years, made numerous presentations to Council encouraging them to improve Cobourg’s cycling infrastructure. This has led to considerable work being done already, but there’s still more to be done. Let’s encourage Council to include these in its new mandate.

2018 AGM Social Soiree Agenda

For the real procrastinators out there, we still have a couple of spots left and you have until noon tomorrow to secure your ticket to the Social Soiree and AGM. In case you are wondering, it’s a mostly social evening, with a little essential biz thrown in. Come see your friends, some photos from the past season, and hear about what’s in store for the off-season.  For all you ticket sellers out there, please let me know if you have any tickets yet to turn in!

Tickets: email us at

Agenda: Click here for the Agenda. 


2018 Membership Survey

It’s been a great season for cycling.  The NHCC is entirely volunteer-driven, and we encourage some feedback to let us know how we are doing. We are committed to always seeking ways to make the NHCC awesome, but we could use your input. Please take 5 minutes to fill out just 8 quick questions before the upcoming Annual Meeting and Social coming up soon on Thursday, October 25th, 2018.   We’ll share the results with everyone at the meeting!

We use the results to guide and direct the club for the next season as we do our planning over the winter. It’s totally anonymous, we promise (unless of course you choose to identify yourself).

Create your own user feedback survey
If the survey isn’t displaying in your browser, click here to Take the 2018 NHCC Survey.