Reminder of Membership Night

Just a quick reminder that tomorrow night (Thursday night) is our Membership Night at the Mill Restaurant  990 Ontario St, Cobourg, ON K9A 3C7 , 7:00 pm .   In addition to getting your memberships for just $40 for an entire season of great cycling, we’ll also have some great cycling merchandise on-hand available for purchase.  We can all mingle, have a bevy, eat some yummy food and wait in anticipation for the cold weather to pass.  See everyone soon!

Sandy Flats! Maple Sugar & 30-60km of hills! Sunday April 15

NOTE: POSTPONED UNTIL SUNDAY APRIL22 Our Annual Sandy Flats Pancake Ride is set for Sunday, April 15th! Pre-season rides are always weather dependent so if winter rears its ugly head again, we have an alternate date of Sunday, April 22nd. Take a look at some photos from past Pancake Rides! This can be a challenging ride—suitable for level 4s, or strong level 3s, mostly because there are hills and it’s the first ride of the season. But, it’s a great way to dive into the cycling season! Never fear, if 60k is not comfortable for you there is a 30k option.

Here’s how it works: We meet at the arena in Baltimore, bike to Sandy Flat Sugar Bush, nourish ourselves with some scrumptious pancakes and maple syrup (oh yeah, there are sausages too!). With full tummies, we pedal home again. Hills, baby, hills! No flatness on this route! If you would like to avoid a few of the hills you may wish to start in Centreton rather than the Baltimore Community Centre, reducing the distance to about 30k.

NOTE about starting in Centreton: Be sure to have your bike ready to go as soon as the group passes through—people chill super-fast if they have been riding and then stop for more than a few moments.

Route Map: Printable Map here or Link to it on Ride with GPS

Date: Sunday April 15, 2017, alternate date – April 22nd
Ride Leader: Debbie parks
Starting place (for the 60k): Baltimore Community Center (10:00am)
Starting in Centreton (30k): Main intersection (10:30-10:45, approx. Be ready to ride!)
Anticipated arrival at Sandy Flats: 12:00-ish

Don’t forget to bring some $$ with you if you plan to feast on pancakes.

Please let us know you are coming by leaving a comment below, letting us know where you plan to start from (Baltimore or Centreton). It really helps us to plan ahead if we know who’s coming!

NHCC Membership Night, Thursday March 22, 7:00 at The Mill

A sure sign of springtime and the anticipated cycling season is the NHCC Membership Night! Bring a friend (or several), or just come on your own, everyone is welcome. We’ll be hanging out upstairs at The Mill Restaurant from 7:00-9:00 in order to share some NHCC awesomeness. (Psssst….we have a little secret to share…..we have a whole lot more rides going on this year! We’re talking 10 regularly scheduled rides per week!) There are plenty of reasons to come out! Here’s just a little of what we have in store for ya:

  • Join the NHCC: Get your membership for just $40
  • Size up a jersey from the Garneau Fit Kit
  • Nab a jersey from our existing (limited) inventory for cash & carry
  • Meet and yak with ride leaders & coordinators
  • Find out what’s on the 2018 schedule
  • Cycle Transitions will be there to tell you about their future plans


  • Pamela Tate ArtworkNEW! World famous artist Pamela Tate will be present with a few pieces of her original cycling themed artwork for sale (they are beautiful!)
  • NEW! Chandel from RYB Denim Inc. will be there with some cool things to wear (You might have seen her at BikeUp this past fall). “RYB Denim Inc. is a design company tailored specifically to making the best denim products for the active individual. We have a focus on movement-oriented products  inspired by the cycling community.”

Lots of groovy NHCC folks will be on deck to answer questions and let you know what to expect. Everyone is welcome….members, non-members, friends, etc. Drop in for a drink, order up some munchies, and just be social!

NHCC Jerseys 2018

NHCC Jerseys with some new variations! 

  • NEW! Technical T ($40)
  • Sleeveless ($65)
  • Short Sleeve ($75)
  • NEW!  Long sleeve LIGHT ($80)
  • Long sleeve HEAVY ($85)

This is your chance to get one early in the season and be ready to roll. After Membership Night the special membership rate will end and the regular rate will apply ($45)

Date: Thursday, March 22, 2018
Place: The Mill Restaurant, upstairs (990 Ontario St.)
Time: 7–9pm

Open Call for Ride Leaders for the 2018 Cycling Season

Here ya go folks, it’s your opportunity to make a difference! The strength and variety of our NHCC ride schedule is 100% reliant on our volunteers. We are looking for ride leaders for the 2018 cycling season. More leaders means more rides! What we want is to establish a pool of ride leaders for each level that coordinators can call upon to make sure that all rides are covered. New for 2018: Each of the ride levels has two scheduled ride nights per week this year!

We’ll train you. You don’t need to be super-fit or super-experienced. What makes you qualified? Being an NHCC member (of course)! And heck, just a willingness to help out a little, and have a little safety training under your belt (really, that part’s essential, but we’ll get you trained up with a few ride-leader-training days before the season gets underway). Even if you can lead just an occasional ride here and there, we’d be thrilled to have you lead. The proposed ride schedule for 2018 is as follows:

Monday evenings: Level 1, and Level 3
Tuesday evenings: Level 2, and Level 4
Wednesday evenings: Level 1, and Level 3
Thursday evenings: Level 2, and Level 4
Sundays: Varied ride levels
Weekday morning rides: Varied ride levels

You don’t need to be all skilled and confident yet—we’ll get you there! So, how about it? There’s no obligation at this point, we’re just seeking an expression of interest on your part! We’ll take it from there.

Wednesday, December 20th: Evening Hike

The last hike before Christmas, this week’s Port Hope hike will be very festive. Come out all lit up, with bells on or just in your usual visible gear. We will explore the east end of Port Hope and walk downtown to see the lights again.  Afterwards there will be hot chocolate and baked goods at Deb’s house.  We will start and end our hike there (message for address and details on parking). Please bring a flashlight or headlamp too.

Guests are welcome! There is no charge but please bring along a signed non-cycling waiver form.

Email here for the address:

Start Location: Deb’s House
Hike Leader:Deb Parks
Start Time:  6:00 pm
RSVP: To let us know you are coming, please leave a comment.

Christmas Light Ride – Monday December 11th

Let’s get together for an easy evening tour around town to view the Christmas lights by bicycle! (Weather-dependent of course).  And….let’s decorate our bikes too!  The brighter the better.  Of course our regular bike lights on both the front and back of your bike are most important.   It’s a great chance to get out and appreciate the lights.  Afterward we can stop in somewhere for some eggnog to finish off the evening.  Bundle up!

Date: Monday, December 11th, 6:00pm
Start location: Parking lot behind the Dutch Oven
Route: to be determined by those in attendance
Pace: Slow! Casual!

Sunday, September 17th – Level 3/4 Let’s Ride to Newcastle!

For those who weren’t able to join the Golden Beach joint club ride or anyone looking to get additional kilometres this weekend in preparation for next weekend’s 100km ride.  Please comment below if you are able to join.

This is a nice, longish route (approx.70km).  We have to take advantage of this amazing late Summer weather. Waterfront Trail all the way to Newcastle!  If you want to shorten the distance, just turn around at any point and come back because the route back is the same as the route there.  You can also start in Port Hope if you prefer a shorter distance (57km).  This makes it suitable for multiple levels.

Start time: 9:30am
Start location(s): Parkette on Carlisle St., Cobourg or King’s Field in Port Hope(10:15 am)
Level of difficulty: Level 3 and Level 4

An easy route, but for those who like a map here is one from Port Hope: 57k printable route map here or view it on Ride with GPS


Level 3/4 Thursday evening Osaca Odyssey

It’s an oldie but a goodie.   A lovely ride to Osaca and the fields will be beautiful this time of the year.   Lots of photo ops!  We would just have time to squeeze in the 36km route before dark, but there is also a short-cut option for just 27km.  This would even be suitable for a Level 2+ as it is relatively flat.  A good option after Wednesday evening’s Bickle Hill! Let’s try to get in as many precious evening rides as we can.  Lights and laughs are a must!

Depending on what everyone would like to do, there is a new establishment in Port Hope, but I’m not positive it is open quite yet (corner of Mill & Ontario St).  We can check it out afterwards if anyone is interested.

Start time: 6:00pm
Ride Leader:  Deb Parks
Start location: Port Hope Town Hall Parking lot
Route map: Printable route map here



REMINDER! Bike-Up Northumberland is on Saturday!

The Third Annual Home Hardware Bike Up Northumberland joint-event fundraiser ride will take place on Saturday, September 9th in support of Northumberland County’s two hospital foundations (Northumberland Hills Hospital and the Campbellford Memorial Hospital).

There will be 5, 10, 25, 50, and 100km distance options to choose from, all following the Waterfront Trail eastbound and starting at Donegan Park!

We have a good number of members representing the NHCC and it would be great if more could join us.  We will meet at Donegan Park.  If you can’t ride you can always support a rider, or volunteer.

It’s not too late. Registration is still open!! Click here to register.  Or you can register at the start of the event at the following times depending on your distance:

100K – 7:00 am, 50K – 9:00 am, 25K – 10:00 am, 10K – 10:30 am, 5K – 11:00 am

September 7, Thursday evening Level 3/4 Ride

The forecast is iffy for Thursday so we will keep our eye on the weather.  This a redo of a great ride we did back in July, but with a twist…… This time we are going to do it BACKWARDS.  Will the hills be better or worse? You be the judge.  Either way it should be a great ride.

The days are quickly getting shorter by the minute (or two) so don’t forget your lights!

Starting point: Furnace Street Arena
Time: 6:00 pm
Leader: Chris Miller
Route: Northumberland Hill Loop Backwards