Thursday. May 28th, Levels 3 and 4

This week Thursday’s ride offers two options. Both start at Donegan Park in Cobourg and after a warm up, head for some hills, but when we’re at the Tim Hortons in Colborne, those wishing to do the 54km loop turn towards the lake and head back along the Waterfront Trail. Riders out for the 80km ride will continue on to Brighton where there’s the oppportunity for a lunch stop at Lola’s, on the main street in Brighton. The ride then heads back home along the Waterfront Trail.

Please indicate which distance you’re thinking of doing and whether you want to make the stop at Lola’s so others can figure out who they might be able to ride with.

Date: Thursday, May 28th
Start Location: Donegan Park, D’Arcy Street, Cobourg
Time: 10:00am
Maps: Printable 54 or 80km map here or view it on Ride with GPS
Ride Coordinator: Maria Siemiaszko

Monday, May 25th, Level 1 ride

This week’s ride will be two loops. We’ll set off and do one loop then return to the meeting spot, then anyone who wants to ride more can do the second loop as well.

Date: Monday, May 25th

Time: 6:30 pm

Meeting Location: the parking lot behind the Dutch Oven

Ride Leader: Maria Siemiaszko

Thursday, May 21st: Level 3/4 ride

After the ride, brew, and brouhaha Wednesday evening, we’ll do a nice spin a few hours later – because we love to ride!

Date: Thursday, May 21st
Start Location: arena on Furnace Street, Cobourg
Time: 10:00
Route: to be determined
Ride Coordinator: Maria Siemiaszko

Sunday, May 17th, Level 1 ride (ice cream run)

The first long weekend of the summer season is here and the weather is supposed to be nice, so those are good reasons to go for an ice cream run! Bring a few dollars for your treat.

Date: Sunday, May 17th
Time: 2:00
Meeting Location: parking lot at Cycle Transitions, 739 D’Arcy St, Cobourg, across from the CCC. The parking lot is on the west side of the building.
Ride Leader: Maria Siemiaszko

Friday, May 15th: Level 2 ride

I’m looking to do a little ride on my way home from work Friday afternoon, so if anyone would like to join me, we can do a slight variation of Wednesday’s ride. It’ll be the Cornish Hollow loop but with a little detour added at Rose Street for a few more kilometers (no map attached)

Date: Friday, May 15th
Start Location: the arena on Furnace Street
Time: 1:30
Ride Leader: Maria Siemiaszko

Please advise if you are thinking of coming. If I don’t think anyone is I will most likely do a different loop on my way home instead.

Monday, May 11th, Level 1 ride

We’re hoping for good weather so we can get out and enjoy our Monday evening Level 1 ride. Level 1 rides are at a leisurely pace where we never leave anyone behind. This week’s ride will be split into two loops. The first loop will come back to our meeting point so if anyone wishes to stop their ride at that point, they can do so. and anyone else wanting to ride some more can then do the second loop.

Date: Monday, May 11th
Meeting Place: Donegan Park, on D’Arcy Street in Cobourg
Time: 6:30 (be ready to depart then)
Ride Leader: Maria Siemiaszko

Please bring your membership card or completed membership form/guest ride waiver and payment. Helmets are mandatory.

Sunday, May 10th: Level 3 and 4, with Level 2 option

On Thursday’s ride we opted to leave the really aggressive hill climbing for a little later in the season, so we set off to do what we felt like, resulting in a route that we really enjoyed and are going to do again this Sunday. Of course there are a few challenging hills to get the heart rate up! This ride is just over 40km but those wishing to add 22 km to it can meet at Donegan Park on D’Arcy Street in Cobourg. You’ll have an earlier start time, and will leave Donegan Park right before the Level 2’s set out.

If there are riders who would like a Level 2 option, they could ride out to either Colborne or Wicklow Beach from Donegan Park, then turn back, providing there is interest and a ride leader who will volunteer to lead this.

Date: Sunday, May 10th
Meet: Level 2, Donegan Park at 10:00
Level 3/4:  62 km, Donegan Park, 10:00
Level 3/4:  40 km, Haldimand Community Centre, north side of County Road 2 in Grafton, 10:30
Ride Leaders: Level 2 – ?
Level 3: Maria Siemiaszko
Route Map: Printable route map here “We Made it up as we went along!” or link to it on Ride with GPS
Level 2: there is no map as the ride follows the Waterfront Trail out and back again.

Bring your membership card or completed membership/guest rider form and payment. Helmets are mandatory.

Thursday, May 7th: Level 3/4 ride (with possible Level 2 option)

We’ll start off the official Level 3 and 4 rides this season with a new route that incorporates portions that we’re already familiar with. For those who are looking a shorter ride, you can meet the group at the Haldimand Community Memorial Arena in Grafton for a 38km option.

NOTE  if there are riders interested in a Level 2 ride and a leader willing to lead them it is possible to make this a Level 2 ride by doing the ride to Grafton and back

Level 3 riders are encouraged to ride as a group or several smaller groups. Level 4 riders may choose to go ahead on their own or also in small groups, but each rider is expected to have a map.

Date: Thursday, May 7th
Time: 10:00
Start Location: Donegan Park, D’Arcy Street, Cobourg
Ride Leader: Maria Siemiaszko
Route: Printable route map here, or view it on Ride with GPS
Grafton Start: meet at the Haldimand Community Memorial Area on the north side of County Road 2 in Grafton and be ready to roll by 10:30.

Helmets are mandatory, and bring your membership card or membership/guest rider form and payment.