Board of Directors

A lot takes place behind the scene to make a bicycle club run smoothly. The NHCC has a Board of Directors comprised of 6 fabulously dedicated volunteers who hold meetings periodically in order to conduct new business for the NHCC. Directors are elected by the membership at General Meetings, typically the Annual General Meeting. However, all members of the NHCC are encouraged to take part in planning and organizing activities by approaching any board member to discuss ideas, brainstorms, and anything else that might improve the NHCC.

The current Board of Directors are:

Debbie Robertson, SecretaryDebbie Parks, President
Debbie has a love of cycling and socializing.  Bring those two together and it’s a great fit for the Northumberland Hills Cycling Club.  She enjoys the challenge of a long day in the saddle and has done much cycle touring in Canada and the US.  Debbie lives happily in Port Hope, has two daughters and is the proud owner of our hiking buddy “Phoebe”
Maria SiemiaszkoMaria Siemiaszko, Vice-President
Maria is a certified Can-Bike instructor, a volunteer with Cycle Transitions, and an advocate of cycling for people of all skill levels. She conducts bicycle maintenance workshops, and organizes the NHCC Level 1 rides which have been central to introducing new riders to cycling, and re-introducing seasoned cyclists. Maria lives in Warkworth.
Freda Dong, DirectorFreda Dong, Secretary
Freda lives in Cobourg and was converted to cycling in 2015 after her husband went on a cycling trip across England without her. Determined not to be left behind again, she took the safety course at Cycle Transitions, joined NHCC and bought her first road bike. She now has two bikes and ever since has been enjoying the roads of Northumberland County, the country lanes of England and most recently the mountainous roads of Spain.
Shabir MajuShabbir Maju, Treasurer
Shabir brings his accounting expertise to the NHCC along with a great volunteer attitude, ready to make a difference!
Dennis BensonDennis Benson, Director
Dennis is a dedicated safety advocate with the NHCC, and also a great support for all new riders. He is a certified CanBike instructor and has many years of cycling experience behind him.
Raff Melito, Director
Raff recently moved to Cobourg where she found great cycling and great friends through the NHCC. Best known for her distinctive helmet and footwear choices , Raff brings with her an enthusiasm for all things cycling and looks forward to riding with you through the great hills of Northumberland County. 


Founding Members of the NHCC

Randy Albon, Founding Member
Founder and Past President (2010-14), Randy provided the inspiration and leadership for taking the NHCC from concept to reality, always promoting the concept of inclusiveness and accessibility for all levels of riders. 
Anita Macklin, Founding MemberAnita Macklin, Founding Member
Founder and Past President (2014-17).

Paul Mills, TreasurerPaul Mills, Founding Member

Vivian Vandenhazel, Founding MemberVivian Vandenhazel, Founding Member