Level 2: Easy Plus

Level 2 Easy Plus
A little more distance, maybe on country roads, and a hill or two may pop up. It’s a great complement to our Level 1 ride, especially if you want to progress toward longer or faster rides. You’re ready for Level 2 if you tried Level 1 and said, “Wow! that was easy” and want to see if you can do just a little more.

geoffreyMeet your Ride Coordinator: Geoffrey Honey
Geoffrey is an active club member of the NHCC, volunteers at Cycle Transitions, and also a member of the Bicycle Action Committee of Sustainable Cobourg. He too has completed the NHCC Cycling Safety Course, not once, but twice!
  • Ideal option for beginners and seasoned riders who want to take it easy for a change
  • Best if you are interested in seeing a little scenery and yakking with others
  • Any type of bike will do, though a hybrid or road bike will make it easier on you!
  • Test your endurance just a little
  • Distances starting at around 20km progressing up to 35km as the season progresses
  • Experienced ride leaders will accompany the group
  • Nobody will get dropped, the group stays together
  • A comfortable pace of about 16-20km per hour (average, on flat roads)
  • Brief stops for hydration or to re-group

Be prepared:

  • Bring one, preferably two water bottles (filled)
  • Know how to change a flat tire (at least in theory)
  • Be able to cycle for about an hour continuously (but not strenuously)

The ride leader will try to ensure that the pace is suitable for all. If a few riders start drifting back and getting left behind, the leader will slow everyone down to allow them to re-group. The group will wait at the top of the hills for others to catch up and to have a little break. If a rider decides to ride ahead or turn and go back, it must be communicated to the ride leader.

Easy Plus Ride pic 1Easy Plus Ride pic 2
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