Level 3: Intermediate

Level 3, Intermediate

The NHCCs Level 3 Intermediate rides are designed to be a little more challenging, with a little more distance and a few more hills than you’ll find in Levels 1 and 2. If you’ve set a goal for completing a century ride (100km) you’ll want to spend some time in this group, building mileage and improving your endurance.

Mike McLellan, Level 2 Ride CoordinatorRide Coordinator: Mike McLellan
Mike is an active volunteer at Cycle Transitions, a volunteer in the Bicycle Action Committee and he’s always lending a hand toward making the NHCC the great cycling club that it is! Mike has been a member of the Northumberland Hills Cycling Club since 2012.
  • Terrain will be a mix of flat areas and hills, with distances between 40 and 100 km.
  • Speeds will approach 20-24km per hour (average pace on flat ground).
  • There will likely be a few stops to grab a drink, re-group, and allow for brief breaks.
  • Best for those who ride 2 or 3 times per week, for more than an hour each time.
  • Riders will travel in a group with a group leader.
  • All riders should have maps and know how to read it.
  • The group typically stops to assist when someone has a flat.
  • The pace should allow for comfortable, social conversation without being out of breath.
  • Should be able to sustain a moderate degree of physical exertion for 2 or 3 hours, taking a few breaks.
  • The group usually re-groups at the top of hills or before major changes in direction.

We usually ride in groups, but sometimes people may opt to finish the ride alone or with a friend or two due to fitness level or wanting to ride at a different pace. 

Intermediate ride 1Intermediate ride 2
Intermediate ride 3
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