Level 4: Faster, Further!

Level 4: Advanced
Fast paced long ride conditioned riders

  • Suitable for those wishing to challenge their fitness and cardiovascular
  • Best for riders who ride consistently, 3 or 4 times per week
  • Road bikes are required
  • Individuals should be able to maintain sustained exertion for about 2–4 hours
  • Speeds will be around 22km per hour or more on flat terrain
  • Distances might be between 40 and 70km+ depending on time of season, weather, and needs of the group
  • Minimal stops only, for hydration, nutrition, or tire changes

The group may “spread out” but it remains a group ride. They may re-group from time to time and riders should not get dropped without their consent.

If you find yourself in this group, you might also find yourself interested in our Century Rides. Great for goal setting!

Anita MacklinRide Coordinator: Anita Macklin
Anita has been a member of the NHCC since it’s official formation and is the immediate past president and one of the founding members of the Club. She volunteers with the Bicycle Action Committee of Sustainable Cobourg, and is a certified CanBike Safety Instructor.

Level 4 ride