Club Rides

Riders of every ability have happily joined the NHCC, from those who didn’t know if they could make it to the corner store, to those who have been riding a bike since birth, and live in their spandex bike shorts. The biggest question we hear is, “Am I fit enough?” and our answer for most people is Yes! we have a ride for everyone! Do you need to be an athlete before joining? Fuggetaboutit! Most people are happy as clams to find out that there are others in the same boat when they show up for their first ride.

Can you progress? Of course! We recommend you begin with a Level 1 ride and if that’s too easy for you, come on out to a level 2 and so on. You’ll find your fitness level, you’ll make new friends and you’ll have a great time too. New for 2018: There are two scheduled evening rides for each Level throughout the official season!

Learn more about our Ride Levels: Click and take a look!

NHCC Level 1NHCC Level 2NHCC Level 3NHCC Level 4

View and print our “Ride Levels Explained” Information Sheet. Click below:Image-Ride Levels Explained