L3 Rides: Monday and Wednesday

L3 Ride: Monday 23 September

Now that we have a little more time, with our 5:30pm start time, lets strive to complete this 36km route before sunset at 7:07pm! Should be a piece of cake the way we’ve been riding the past few weeks. For the observant among you, you may recognise this route as our old Vimy Ridge favorite, but in reverse.
Ride Leader: Allan Dennis
Start Time: 5:30pm
Sunset: 7:07pm
Route Map: L3 APD – Burgoyne’s Barnstorm. (Link with RWGPS.)
Distance and Elevation: 36km and 307m
Start Location: Cobourg Arena, Furnace St, Cobourg


L3 Ride: Wednesday 25 September

There is of course no posted L3 ride for this Wednesday as, being the third Wednesday of the month, there will be a Club All Levels Ride – which we are all strongly encouraged to support!  Look forward to seeing “all y’all” there and take the opportunity to chat over a beer afterwards. Watch out for the separate post from our “Extraordinary” President – Debs!

Sunday ride! Sept 22

Just in case the rain holds off till afternoon we’ll plan a Sunday Ride starting from Golden Beach Resort. The route will be posted sometime tomorrow, but expect something around 40k and at a touristy type pace (that means Level 3)  if you are interested in getting a bite to eat afterward at Golden Beach, bring a few $$  Let is know if you plan to ride! It helps with planning  

Start Time: 10:00am
Ride Leader: Randy & Anita
Route Map: Golden Beach Sunday Tour route map on Ride with GPS
Start Location: Golden Beach Resort on Rice Lake, 7100 Northumberland County Rd 18, Roseneath

Level 1 Ride: Sept. 23rd

This ride will start from the parking lot at the Port Hope High School. It will be a level one ride with stops to rest and rehydrate. The summer is winding down, and days are getting shorter. Sunset is at 7:12pm therefore lights need to on at 6:42pm. Come on out and enjoy the warm summer evening! Safety is our number one priority.
Start Time: 5:30pm
Ride Leader: Dennis Benson
Start Location: Port Hope high school parking lot at 130 Highland Dr.
Sunset: 7:12 pm

Friday Floater September 20th Starting in Peterborough

Sunshine forecasted for Friday!! On this 80Km route, riders will get a feel for the farming communities east of Peterborough, as well as the cottage country north for which the Kawarthas is renowned for. The route starts out of town on paths and quiet roads and quickly joins up with River Road as it hugs the east shore of the Otonabee River. Past Lakefield riders head to Birchview Road as it winds through the heart of Cottage Country on the way to the wilderness beyond. From Hall’s Glenn the route heads south past the Warsaw Caves as riders make their way from cottage country through the farming communities which surround Peterborough.

Please leave a comment if you intend to ride. And just so you know the NHCC is waiving quest rider fees so bring a friend if you wish.

Start Time: 10:00am
Ride Leader: Randy
Route Map: Peterborough Classic 2A Link to Ride With GPS Map
Distance and Elevation: 80 Km , 481 meters
Start Location: Parking lot at Beavermead Park in Peterborough

L3 Rides: Monday And Wednesday

Notice To All L3 Riders:

In an attempt to make maximum use of all remaining L3 evening rides and to be able to ride a meaningful distance (30-35kms) we will start our rides at 5:30pm for the remainder of the season. This new time will be effective from our ride this Wednesday, 18 Sept. The detailed post for this ride has been amended accordingly.

Level 2 Rides: Tues Sept 17 and Thurs Sept 19

Tues Sept 17 Level 2 Ride: St. Mary’s Grafton

Just a reminder that Level 2’s Tuesday’s rides are a “Steady” Ride (that is, lower end of the average speed and distance, more moderate hills with more frequent stops).

David Hutzel is taking us from St. Mary’s in Grafton, out along the Waterfront Trail to the Keeler Centre in Colborne. Please remember your lights and be prompt so we can make the most of the available daylight. Chime in using the comment button so we can know to expect you.

Start Time: 6pm
Ride Leader: David Hutzel
Start Location: St. Mary’s Church parking lot, Lyle St. South Grafton


Thurs Sept 19 Level 2 Ride: 210 Willmott St. Cobourg

Surprise! Geoffrey Honey is leading the “Training” ride because all of our Training Ride Leaders are not available. As with our Thursday tradition, there will be some hill (2 long slow ones) involved but we will stop to catch our breath at the top. Since I am unaccustomed to leading such rides much panting and huffing and puffing may be heard on my part.

We will start at the parking lot at the industrial complex at 210 Willmott St. (Sleep Country), head out on the Waterfront Trail to Grafton. Turn up Station Rd back to Hwy 2. Head back to Cobourg but turn right up the Gully Rd hill then whisk down the Danforth Rd to Brookside and Hwy 2 back to Cobourg.

Bring lights, water, helmet, bike and determination and I will take care of the rest:)

Start time: 6pm
Ride Leader: Geoffrey Honey
Start Location: Willmott Industrial Plaza parking lot (Sleep Country) 210 Willmott St. Cobourg.

Level 4 Rides: Sept. 17 and 19

IMPORTANT—New start time! The days are shorter than ever so we’ll start at 5:30 in order to allow a little more time to squeeze a decent ride in.

Level 4: Tuesday Sept. 17 (34km)

Nice fast, rolly route along Danforth Rd. Short & sweet!
Ride Leader: Anita Macklin
Start time: 5:30pm
Sunset: 7:18pm
Start Location: Cobourg Community Centre parking lot
Route Map (34k): ”Danforth there and back” link to route map on Ride with GPS

Level 4: Thursday Sept. 19 (44km)

This is a nice route, without crazy elevations (315m over 44k). Starting in Grafton at the arena, we will head out to Colborne and up to Telephone Rd. We’ll leave promptly and ride swiftly to get back by sunset! You’ll need lights, both front and back for this one!
Ride Leader: Anita Macklin
Start time: 5:30pm
Sunset: 7:15pm
Start location: Grafton Arena on Hwy 2
Route Map (44K): Link to route map on Ride with GPS

Level 1 Rides: September 16th and 18th

Level 1: Monday September 16th

Monday’s ride will start at Gilmer’s Home Hardware in Port Hope. As always, no-one will be left behind and there will be breaks for rest and hydration. Front and back lights must be on 30 minutes before sunset.

Start time: 6:00pm
Ride Leader: Dennis Benson
Start Location: Gilmer’s Home Hardware at 177 Toronto Road, Port Hope, Ontario
Sunset: 7:20 pm

Level 1: Wednesday September 18th

Monday’s ride will start at the Diamond Head Industrial Park on Willmott St. As always, no-one will be left behind and there will be water & rest breaks. Front and back lights must be on 30 minutes before sunset.

Start time: NEW—5:30pm
Ride Leader: Dennis Benson
Start Location: Diamond Head Industrial Park, 210 Willmott St. Cobourg
Sunset: 7:16 pm

L3 Rides: Monday and Wednesday

L3 Ride: Monday 16 September

So as you’d expect the evenings continue to get even shorter! Tonight’s ride is therefore a little shorter than last week’s rides and with not so much climbing in the hope that we can keep a good steady pace and crack this very scenic 35km ride before the sun actually sets.  Not sure who the leader is yet but will post a comment on the web when Mike and I have managed to communicate……

Ride Leader: Allan Dennis / Mike Collins / TBC
Start Time: 6:00pm
Sunset: 7:20pm
Route Map: L3 APD – Girouard’s Gambit (Link to RWGPS)
Distance and Elevation: 35km and +237m
Start Location: Kings Field Ballpark, Port Hope (East)


L3 Ride: Wednesday 18 September

What a surprise even less light this evening! So even shorter route I’m afraid, 30km, but with a few gentle climbs to get the heart working. Should definitely crack this route before sundown. We may like to discuss if an earlier start, say 5:45pm or 5:30, is manageable with work schedules, travel distances etc. Ditto re who’s leading.

Ride Leader: TBC
Start Time: 5:30pm
Sunset: 7:16pm
Route Map: L3 APD – Swinton’s Sunset. (Link to RWGPS.)
Distance and Elevation: 30km and +255m
Start Location: Cobourg Arena, Furnace St, Cobourg