Level 2 Rides: Tues July 23 and Thurs July 25

Tues July 23, Level 2 Ride: Westwood Cobourg

Just a reminder that Level 2’s Tuesday’s rides are a “Steady” Ride (that is, lower end of the average speed and distance, more moderate hills with more frequent stops).

We will start at Westwood Park parking lot and head out west up Theatre Rd and further west to Hamilton Rd. North to Dale, east until Theatre Rd again and loop back the way we came. At Telephone Road the second time we will take the pulse of the group and add a bit of kilometer-age (or not). This is an undulating but manageable course. We will take frequent stops to catch our breath and socialize. Please chime in using the comment button so we can know to expect you! Don’t forget water and helmets.

Start Time: 6:30 pm
Ride Leader: Geoffrey Honey
Start Location: Westwood Park parking lot, Carlisle St, between Ewing and Westwood.


Thurs July 25, Level 2 Ride: St Mary’s Grafton

Just a reminder that Level 2’s Thursday rides are a “Training Ride” (that is, gradually building up stamina for hills and or longer distances or speed within the Level 2 parameters with slightly fewer rest stops so that riders can condition themselves to move to L3 if they wish).

Janine Turk will take us on some hill training stamina building in Grafton. Here is her description of the ride:

“Starting at St. Mary’s Church parking lot, head out Hwy2 to Shelter Valley Rd, Left on Broomfield Rd. Eddystone Rd, Pipeline Rd, King Rd to Shelter Valley, Hwy 2. Gorgeous ride, we will stop periodically to regroup and refuel. There is one tough hill. Not to worry, as you can take your time. Once you reach the top, it will be a huge accomplishment. Bring lots of water, add a bit of maple syrup.”

Chime in using the comments button so Janine can know to expect you.

Start Time: 6:30

Ride Leader: Janine Turk

Start Location: St Mary’s Church parking lot Lyle St South, Grafton.

Level 1 Ride: Monday, July 22nd

Tonight’s ride will be in beautiful and historic Port Hope. Cycling for fun, fitness and friendship is the club’s motto. Nobody gets left behind. Come and join us! Please note that Wednesday is the All Levels Ride and BBQ on Smylie Rd.!

Start time: 6:30pm
Ride Leader: Dennis Benson
Start Location: Beatrice Strong Public School (south parking lot) on 90 Roseglen Road North Port Hope, Ontario L1A 3V6.

Level 4 Ride: Thursday July 18

ICYMI, the “self-navigated” rides mean that you can make it what you want! Choose a fast pace, or a casual pace, depending on preference, and the group may choose to break into smaller groups. This week’s self-navigated ride is a 46km route, starting from the Hamilton Township offices and going to to Bewdley then back. Available daylight is shrinking every day now! Sunset is at 8:50 this week so be sure you have lights on front and back.
IMPORTANT: For self-navigated rides there may or may not be a ride leader present so you must have access to the route map and also be equipped to change a flat tire if required. Please leave a comment that you are riding so that other can plan accordingly.

Coordinator: Randy Albon
Start time: 6:30pm
Sunset: 8:50pm
Route map: Camborne to Bewdley and Back route map on Ride With GPS
Elevation: 352m
Start location: Hamilton Township Municipal Offices on 8285 Majestic Hills Dr. (off Burnham St.)

Weekend Ride – Saturday, July 20th

The ride this weekend will be in Warkworth on Saturday, July 20th and we have options for all levels leaving the Warkworth Arena.
After the ride, if you wish, you can attend a great outdoor concert! In the afternoon, NHCC’s own Carmelo Amenta and his band Hilltop Project will be performing an outdoor concert at Maria’s. Admission is by donation and the proceeds will go to The Help Centre. All friends and family are welcome, and if they don’t ride but will come up with you, they can enjoy the unique artisan shops and some great coffee in the village of Warkworth or nearby Campbellford which is the home of Ferris Provincial Park, Doohers Bakery, Empire Cheese, World Finest Chocolate, and Church Key Brewery. You are welcome to bring a picnic lunch to eat at Maria’s place afterwards.
For all the details of the concert please leave a comment and we’ll forward them to you.

Here are your ride options:
Level 1: 18km relatively flat route
Level 2: follow the same route as level 1 as far as the chip truck at 29 and 30 then continue on towards Campbellford on the new paved shoulder as far as you desire, then turn and go back the same way to the arena.
Level 3: Link to Ride with GPS – 36 km
Level 4: Link to Ride with GPS – 62km
Please comment or send us a message if you are able to lead one of these rides or they can simply be self guided with our Ride with GPS. If you need help installing the Ride with GPS app on your phone send an email to Webmaster@northumberlandhillscyclingclub.com and we’ll get you underway!
Start Time: 10:00 am
Start Location: Warkworth Arena (Percy Township Arena)
Ride Co-ordinator: Maria Siemiaszko

Level 3 and 4 Ride: Wednesday July 17

Level 3: This Wednesday’s routes are a combination of previous routes starting out from Grafton Sports Arena car park. We’ve changed the direction of travel along some sections to give you all a different view of the countryside and the opportunity to enjoying going down some of those hills you battled up earlier in the season (of course you’ll also have to climb some of those hills you enjoyed speeding down!). The L3 group ride will go at a Level 3 pace with a Allan leading in front, and a sweep at the back of the group.

Level 4: If you want to go a little faster and farther, give the self-navigated Level 4 option a try. It’s essentially the same route for the first 9km until Vernonville where you can decide if you want to continue along the 5km extension, or hold back and wait to re-join Level 3. The extension eventually turns onto Telephone Rd where both routes are identical until the finish. If you need help installing the Ride with GPS app on your phone just fire off an email to Webmaster@northumberlandhillscyclingclub.com and we’ll get you underway!

Ride Leader: Allan Dennis (L3), self-navigating (L4)
Start time: 6:30 (L4) and 6:35 (L3)
Sunset: 8:50pm
Route maps: Level 3, 40 km “Fletcher’s Foray” route map, and Level 4, 45km “Fletcher’s Foray Extended” route map
Elevation: 261m (L3), and 264m (L4)
Start location: Grafton Arena on Hwy 2 in Grafton

Special Event: The NHCC All Levels ride and BBQ, Wednesday July 24th

This month’s All Levels Ride will also include a BBQ provided to all NHCCers afterward, on the evening of Wednesday July 24th. The 60 minute ride will have a start time of 6:00, followed by a BBQ afterward at Randy and Anita’s home on Smylie Rd. The ride will be a simple, out-and-back style with suitable for every rider, from Level 1 to Level 4. Everyone rides at their own pace and finishes at the same time. The NHCC will provide complimentary post-ride hamburgers (either beef or veggie, please advise us of your preference) and other tasty things to enjoy while all you need to bring is your favourite drink. All members are welcome! If you can’t make it for the ride, you are welcome to come for the BBQ Social portion that starts at 7:00. Every NHCC member is welcome! Note that the ride starts earlier than usual, at 6:00pm 

Date: Wednesday July 24, 2019
Start time (Ride): 6:00pm
Start time (BBQ): 7:00pm
Start location: Smylie Rd. and Burnham St. (Park along Smylie Rd.)
Route map: not required, you’ll just follow the crowd!
RSVP (IMPORTANT): Please leave a comment or email us to let us know your preference for either beef or veggie burger, and let us know if you need the exact address: nhcycling2010@gmail.com.

The NHCCs 1st Anniversary Ride in 2012.

The NHCCs 1st Anniversary Ride in 2012.

Level 2 Rides July 16 and July 18

Tues July 16 Level 2 Ride: St. Mary’s Grafton

David Hutzel is taking us out Grafton way so we can cool down a bit by the lake. Here is his description of the ride: “We’ll start again from St. Mary’s church parking lot and head south on Station road. Turning left at the stop sign at Orchard Grove we’ll follow the lakefront route past Wicklow Beach to Lakeport where we’ll turn around and follow the same scenic route back to the finish. A distance of mostly flat 23k but with regular stops for hydration and regrouping, we’ll be back before you know it.”

Please chime in using the Comment button so we can look out for you!

Start Time: 6:30 pm
Ride Leader: David Hutzel
Start Location: St. Mary’s church parking lot, Lyle St South Grafton

Thurs July 18 Level 2 Ride: Sylvan Glen Pt. Hope

Pam will try again to take us through the lovely countryside north of Port Hope. Here is her description: “We will try again for the route scheduled for last week. Hopefully the temperature won’t be so hot and we can stay farther away from the lake without expiring. There will be hills. We will enjoy them to the fullest!” Please chime in using the ‘comment’ button so we can know to expect you!

Start Time: 6:30 pm
Ride Leader: Pam Tate
Start Location: Sylvan Glen parking lot (on Sylvan Glen Rd north of Dale Rd in Port Hope)

Level 3 Group Ride: Monday July 15

OK, so last Wednesday we did a bit of climbing – but the downhills made it all worthwhile!  This Monday Allan has a less hilly course plotted but a little longer, 45kms, so no worry you’ll still manage to burn up all those excess calories! The more rolling countryside to the West of Port Hope should be ideal for a great Level 3 group ride.

Ride Leader: Allan Dennis
Start time: 6:30
Sunset: 8:51pm
Route map: “Chard’s Challenge” 45km route map on Ride With GPS
Elevation: 285m
Start location: Port Hope High School parking lot

Level 1 Rides: July 15th and 17th

Level 1 Ride: Monday, July 15th

This ride will start from the parking lot behind the Dutch Oven with your ride leader Roy Martin and head west. Roy is an experienced cyclist who volunteers at Cycle Transitions. Be sure to bring water and wear lots of sunscreen. We cycle for fun, fitness and friendship. Safety is our number one priority.
Ride Leader: Roy Martin
Start time: 6:30 pm
Sunset: 8:51 pm
Start location: The parking lot behind the Dutch Oven.

Level 1 Ride: Wednesday, July 17th

This ride will begin at the parking lot at the Cobourg Memorial Arena on Furnace St. and head east and then south to the Cobourg Harbour. From there we will head east along the lakeshore to Maplewood Crescent and head back to the starting point.
Ride Leader: Dennis Benson
Start time: 6:30 pm
Sunset: 8:50 pm
Start location: The parking lot at the Cobourg Memorial Arena on Furnace St.