Last call for the St. Jacob’s cycling weekend with the Ganaraska Freewheelers

This is the last call to secure your spot for the cycling weekend with the Ganaraska Freewheelers at St. Jacobs, July 26-28. The group will visit St. Jacob’s market, cycle a few 80km-ish routes, and enjoy some social time together. There are various accommodation options including camping, university rez, and hotel, but need to be reserved. You can read more about the weekend by reading their post Information: St. Jacobs — July 26-28. If you’d like to reserve a spot or ask questions, please email Sue from the Freewheelers at

Weekend Ride: Sunday, July 14th

Three distance options for a beautiful sunshiny bicycle ride this Sunday morning! We will start at the Sylvan Glen Conservation area in Port Hope.  Distances are 35 km, 43 km or 64 km.  If you are planning to ride, please comment and include your preferred distance.  Please come prepared with a map, lots of water and some extra cash in case we stop for a treat.

Start time: 10:00 am
Ride Co-ordinator: Debbie Parks
Route maps:  35K Route  43K Route  64K Route
Start Location: Sylvan Glen Conservation Area, Port Hope (map below)

Level 4 Ride: Thursday July 11

Some have expressed interest in having a Level 4 ride option for Thursday evenings for July so Randy will coordinate a self-navigated route for Thursday. This week it’s the Beautiful Bewdley 51km route that starts in Port Hope. IMPORTANT: For self-navigated rides there may or may not be a ride leader present so you must have access to the route map and also be equipped to change a flat tire if required. Please leave a comment that you are riding so that other can plan accordingly.

Coordinator: Randy Albon
Start time: 6:30pm
Sunset: 8:54pm
Route map: Beautiful Bewdley route map on Ride with GPS
Start location: Port Hope Town Hall

Level 3/4 Group Ride: Wednesday July 10

This Wednesday we’ll do a combined Level 3 & 4 ride again. This means that both levels will start from the same location and the first 20km is the same for both but:
Level 3: rides 39km in a group at a casual pace with a ride leader and a sweep.
Level 4: leaves 5 minutes earlier, rides at a faster pace and completes an extra 18km. There will be a ride leader but no sweep.

It’s a great opportunity to set out with the Level 4 crowd if you feel up to it and then drop back with the Level 3 group ride if you decide to.

Ride Leader: Allan Dennis (L3), and Anita Macklin (L4)
Start time: 6:30 (L4) and 6:35 (L3)
Sunset: 8:54pm
Route maps: Level 3, 37km route map, and Level 4, 56km route map
Elevation: 346m (L3), and 482m (L4)
Start location: Parking lot at the Industrial park, 210 Willmott St. Cobourg

Level 3 Group Ride: Monday July 8

Correction notice: The start point for tonight’s ride was previously incorrect. The correct location is the Cobourg Community Centre.

Monday Night Group Ride! This is a straight-up Level 3 which means group ride with a leader and a sweep, riding at a casual pace, making sure the group stays together. (Note there is no Level 4 option on the Monday ride). Start in Cobourg at the Community Centre, we’ll ride up past St. Anne’s and back down Lyle St., which is always a lot of fun!

Ride Leader: Anita Macklin
Start time: 6:30pm
Sunset: 8:55pm
Route: (44k) Centerton and Grafton A route map link on Ride with GPS
Start location: Cobourg Community Center

Level 2 Rides: Tues July 9 and Thurs July 11

Tues July 9, Level 2 Ride: Westwood Cobourg

Just a reminder that Level 2’s Tuesday’s rides are a “Steady” Ride (that is, lower end of the average speed and distance, more moderate hills with more frequent stops).

We will start at Westwood Park parking lot and head out west up Theatre Rd and further west to Hamilton Rd. North to Dale, east until Theatre Rd again and loop back the way we came. This is an undulating but manageable course. We will take frequent stops to catch our breath and socialize. Please chime in using the comment section so we can know to expect you! Don’t forget water and helmets.

Start Time: 6:30 pm
Ride Leader: Geoffrey Honey
Start Location: Westwood Park parking lot, Carlisle St, between Ewing and Westwood.

Thurs July 11, Level 2 Ride: Donegan Park Cobourg

Just a reminder that Level 2’s Thursday rides are a “Training Ride” (that is, gradually building up stamina for hills and or longer distances or speed within the Level 2 parameters with slightly fewer rest stops so that riders can condition themselves to move to L3 if they wish).

Jim Berg will be taking us out along the waterfront trail. His ride description: “This is an out and back on a fairly flat route (only 3 hills) following the Waterfront Trail east to the Nawautin Nature Sanctuary and returning on the same route. Approximately 25 km.”

Please chime in using the comment button so Jim can know to expect you.

Start Time: 6:30pm
Ride Leader: Jim Berg
Start Location: Donegan Park parking lot, D’Arcy St Cobourg

Level 1 Rides: July 8th and 10th

Level 1 Ride: Monday, July 8th

This ride will start from the parking lot in front of Gilmer’s Home Hardware Store at 177 Toronto Road in Port Hope. Make sure to bring water, given the heat we’ve had lately! After some safety instruction we will head east and then south.

Ride Leader: Dennis Benson
Start time: 6:30 pm
Sunset: 8:55 pm
Start location: The parking lot in front of Gilmer’s Home Hardware Store in Port Hope.

Level 1 Ride: Wednesday, July 10th

Level 1 riders, let’s get out of town! Tonight your ride leader, Carol Banks will take you on a beautiful, often shady, flat ride starting at the Nawautin Nature Sanctuary. We will head east on Lakeshore Rd. to Station Rd. and proceed to Chub Point Rd to the beach. We will head back to Lakeshore Rd. and head east again along Orchard Grove Rd. to the bottom of the hill and turn around. Please remember water & sunscreen. We will see you at the parking lot of the Nauwatin Nature Sanctuary.

Ride Leader: Carol Banks
Start time: 6:30 pm
Sunset: 8:54 pm
Start location: The parking lot at the Nauwatin Nature Sanctuary

Thursday July 4: Level 4 ride (take two)

We’ve done lots of speed, lots of distance, now it’s time to do Bickle Hill. It’s a new route that we haven’t done before and you have almost a full 2.5 hours to complete it, so it’s certainly doable! This ride was posted a couple of weeks ago however no one attended. Please leave a message if you plan on attending.
Since there have been no volunteers to lead this ride, it will be self-navigated. Please download the route or use the Ride With GPS on your phone to navigate.

Ride Leader: Looking for a volunteer! Please leave a comment if you are available to lead.
Start time: 6:30
Sunset: 8:57pm
Route map: “Roads & Hills Less travelled” 49km route map link on Ride with GPS
Elevation gain: 402m
Start location: Parking lot at Cobourg Dog park on Ontario St.