Sunday??? and Beagle Club Info

It looks like we are expecting some snow this weekend, but whether that translates into enough snow to get the cross country skis back out is hard to know. As Sunday approaches, if you want to get out for a hike or skiing at 10:00, please leave a comment and we’ll see what comes together. If there is skiing, the meeting spot is the Beagle Club parking lot. If there is hiking, Beagle Club trails are closed to all but cross country skiers as of December 1st each year whether there is snow or not, so the meeting location will be the Woodland parking lot.

Beagle Club info: the company contracted to do the logging in Northumberland Forest will be finishing what they started last year in another area of the forest. Therefore, the closure of the Beagle Club trails has been postponed again. The closure will likely be in at least 2 to 3 weeks, and possibly not until January. Once logging operations commence, they will last around 3 months. When Beagle Club is closed, the County will announce it on all social media such as their website and Facebook. It will also be very obvious once you head to the parking lot. Access to the trails will then be limited to Saturday and Sunday each week, and anyone caught in the closed area during the week will be fined.

Northumberland County is looking for volunteers to be trail watchers. Following mandatory training, these volunteers will be asked to regularly check their assigned section of the trails in Northumberland Forest and report any issues that need to be addressed. This will allow the County to quickly respond to any concerns and raise the standard of the trail system. For more info or to apply to be a trail watcher, please contact Todd Farrell at:, or Mike Muldoon at:

Date: Sunday, December 1st

Start Time: 10:00

Meeting Location: Beagle Club parking lot for cross country skiing, Woodland parking lot for hiking

Leader(s): route to be decided upon by those who show up

NHCC Speaker Series 2019 Presents: David Trattles (Wednesday Dec. 11th 6:30pm)

For anyone who was fortunate enough to attend David’s presentation last year, I’m sure you would likely not want to miss this years encore presentation. David is a story teller, and brings a cycling twist to many of his stories.

The Joy of Human Relation — Travel by Bicycle

David Trattles will be your host for a session on travel­ and photography, and in making community as you travel by bicycle.

Dave knows cycling and slow photography stories: for 25 years he has been traveling by bicycle through 100 countries, and working as a social documentary photographer (National Archives of Canada, Canadian Geographic, Macleans, Elle). This presentation will be about why you should travel by bicycle and what happens when you do – shared largely through stories that will have you out there in the world, living a specific time and experience.

Along the way, Dave reveals the joy of human relations. By learning who the people are and how they live their lives, he will share stories about ordinary people who do extraordinary things (Muslim girl boxers of Calcutta, German cowboys, cheese rollers of Sicily, Tomato throwers of Spain, marathoners of Calcutta, remote lives of Canadians, the Powwow of Kitigan Zibi, Kefir Makers of Tajikistan..).

This evening, Dave Trattles will inspire you to get in touch with your own life force — to go out into the world on your bicycle and express your own individuality, your own richness — and to engage deeply in the lives and experiences of others.

Date: Wednesday December 11, 6:30pm
Cost: $5 (at the door)
RSVP Reserved seating only: Please send email to to let us know you’re coming.
Location: The Old Camborne Schoolhouse (3441 Albert’s Alley)

Thursday Night Hike – November 28th

We will meet in the parking lot at the Port Hope Town Hall at 6:00 and then do a semi-urban hike of 5 to 8 kms then afterward we sometimes pop into a local establishment for a beverage and wings.

These hikes are free to non-members. We just need a signed off-season waiver (see right side of NHCC homepage).

Please let me know if anyone can lead next week’s hike because I will not be able to lead next week (December 5th).

Time: 6:00
Start Location: Port Hope Town Hall parking lot
Hike Leader: Jim Berg

To let us know you are coming, please leave a comment.

Tuesday Morning Hike (Nov 26)

This Tuesday we are starting at the Hamilton Township Municipal Offices and take a 7.5km route along some unmaintained roads as well as some familiar ones. Wear good sturdy footwear, the first couple of kilometres will require them, and there are some hills too! After the hike we can have hot chocolate or coffee at Anita & Randys house for those who’d like to stick around.

Date: Tuesday November 26
Start time: 9:30am
Hike leader: Anita
Distance: 7.5km
Start location: Hamilton Township Municipal Office parking lot at Majestic Hills Road

Thursday Night Hike November 21st

We will meet in the parking lot at the Port Hope Town Hall at 6:00 and then do a semi-urban hike of 5 to 8 kms.

Last week we found the “Record Collection”, had lots of laughs and ended up at Nookie’s Soul Kitchen after the hike.

These hikes are free to non-members. We just need a signed off-seaon waiver (see right side of NHCC homepage).

Time: 6:00
Start Location: Port Hope Town Hall parking lot
Hike Leader: Jim Berg

To let us know you are coming, please leave a comment.

Tuesday Morning Hike: November 19th

Petra will lead the group on a 6.08 km hike in the east end of town. This will be followed by social time at Craft Food House for those who would like to stay on for it. Please note the earlier start this week.
Date: Tuesday, November 19th
Start Time: 9:00 (earlier start)
Meeting Location: parking lot behind Craft
Hike Leader: Petra Hartwig
Distance: 6.08 km

Skiiiiiiiiiinnnnnngggg!!! Tuesday afternoon 2:00

We have snow! Dig out those skis and meet us at Beagle Club Trailhead for 2:00. There are a few routes to try, so we’ll make a consensus before heading out. There is a beginner trail if you are feeling a little apprehensive after those skis have sat motionless in the garage for so long. Bring a thermos of hot chocolate to enjoy afterward.

Leave us a comment if you are coming so we know to expect you.

Date: Tuesday November 12
Coordinators: Anita and Randy
Start time: 2:00pm
Start Location: Beagle Club Trailhead