Level 1 Rides: Sept. 9th and 11th

Level 1 Ride: Monday Sept. 9th

After some safety instruction, we will wind our way south down to the shore of Lake Ontario. Our ride will be approximately an hour in length.
Ride Leader: Dennis Benson
Start time: 6:00 pm
Sunset: 7:37 pm
Start Location: The park on Carlisle St., between Ewing and Westwood

Level 1 Ride: Wednesday Sept. 11th

This Lakeshore Ride will be a relatively easy flat ride along the lakeshore. We will leave from the Grafton Public School and head south to Lakeshore Rd. and turn right. Heading in a westerly direction we will visit the Nawautin Nature Sanctuary. Cycling further west we will discover some side roads along Lakeshore Rd. Then we will turn around and head east to Orchard Grove Road and cycle to the bottom of the hill.
Ride Leader: Carol Banks
Start time: 6:00 pm
Sunset: 7:33 pm
Start Location: The parking lot at the Grafton Public School on 654 Station Rd.

Level 2 Rides, Tues Sept 10 and Thurs Sept 12

Tues Sept 10, Level 2 Ride: Westwood Cobourg

Just a reminder that Level 2’s Tuesday’s rides are a “Steady” Ride (that is, lower end of the average speed and distance, more moderate hills with more frequent stops).

We will start at Westwood Park parking lot and head out west up Theatre Rd and further west to Hamilton Rd. North to Dale, east until Theatre Rd again and loop back the way we came. At Telephone Road the second time we will take the pulse of the group and add a bit of kilometer-age (or not). This is an undulating but manageable course. We will take frequent stops to catch our breath and socialize. Please chime in using the comment button so we can know to expect you! Don’t forget water, helmets and lights!

Start Time: 6:00 pm
Ride Leader: Geoffrey Honey
Start Location: Westwood Park parking lot, Carlisle St, between Ewing and Westwood.


Thurs Sept 12, Level 2 Ride: Donegan Park Cobourg

Jim Berg will be leading us in Thursday’s “Training Ride” (fewer stops, bit quicker pace and total klms to build to Level 3)

Here is his description: “Baltimore and Back Version 2

Route: North on D’Arcy, to Elgin, East to Greer Road, North to Danforth, East to Nagel, North to Hircock, back on Nagel, East on Van Luven, loop through Baltimore andthen South on Meadowvale, Nagel, Hircock, Nagel, East on Danforth, South on Jarvis, East on Elgin, South on Workman, from Highway 2 follow Waterfront Trail back to Donegan Park. About 20 to 25 km.The ride length will be determined by how light it is.

On the way back on Danforth instead of going down Workman, there is the option of continuing on Danforth and doing Hill 60.

Reminder: Make sure you have working lights.”

Start Time: 6:00 pm
Ride Leader: Jim Berg
Start Location: Donegan Park, 25 D’Arcy Street, Cobourg

Level 3 Rides: Monday and Wednesday

Level 3 Ride: Monday 9 September

Well 36 Kms worked last week so lets try something similar again this Monday. One Km more and a few minutes less daylight so once again we’ll need to start promptly! Route takes us up to St Anne’s Spa, where I’m sure we’ll take a breather and take some time to reflect on our national Patron Saint and then a great run down Academy Hill Road – but it’s deceptive – be warned! Remember your lights.
Ride Leader: Allan Dennis
Start Time: 6:00pm (Prompt please or we’ll leave without you!)
Sunset: 7:33pm
Route Map: L3 APD – Hobarts Hurrah! (Link to RWGPS.)
Distance and Elevation: 37.3 km + 298 m
Start Location: Parking Lot at 210 Wilmot Street, Cobourg

Level 3 Ride: Wednesday 11 September

Ok I think we’ll need to start acknowledging the lack of daylight and cut this one down to 36 kms but don’t worry there are a several hills to ensure you can burn off a few calories and get those endorphins flowing!  The views from the top of Jamison is superb (but you’ll not have to climb it just descend) and from the top of Bickle (which you’ll have to earn the hard way) make it all worth while.  There are a number of short cuts if it all gets too much. Again lights will be required.

Ride Leader: Mike Collins
Start Time: 6:00pm (Again prompt please or Ditto.)
Sunset: 7:29pm
Route Map: L3 APD – Rock’s Rampage. (Link to RWGPS.)
Distance and Elevation: 36 Km and + 465m
Start Location: Cobourg Arena, Furnace St.

Weekend Ride: Sunday, September 8th

We are going out of town again! As the cycling season winds down it is nice to get out and explore some new routes. Starting in Brighton with an option to extend a few kilometers, this is a 66 km route with an elevation of 314 m. Along the route there is a much recommended stop at Campbell’s Orchards for ice cream and/or treats! Bring some cash, water and smiling faces! Oh, and please let us know if you will be riding. Thank you!

Route:  ride with GPS link
Ride Distance: 66 km
Start Time: 10:00 a.m.
Ride Co-ordinator: Deb Parks
Start Location: Parking lot just West of the boat launch, bottom of Ontario St. in Brighton (see map)

Level 4 Rides: Sept 3 and 5

Level 4: Tuesday Sept. 3

There’s no ride leader for Tuesday night so the ride will be self-navigated. Keeping it simple—meet at Kings Field in Port Hope and head westbound on the Waterfront Trail for 40 minutes and return. That’s makes for 80 minutes of riding at the speed you like!

Start time: 6:00pm
Sunset: 7:44pm
Route: no map required, take Waterfront Trail West
Start location: Kings Field, Port Hope (Victoria St.)

Level 4: Thursday Sept. 5

We are losing daylight fast! Therefore, the routes are getting shorter. With only 332m of elevation, this 35km route will be one of the faster ones. (Well…faster than climbing Bickle Hill!)

Ride Leader: Anita Macklin
Start time: 6:00pm
Sunset: 7:40 pm
Route map:  (35km) “Kennedy, Beavermeadow, Harwood Rd.” link to map on Ride with GPS
Elevation: 332m
Start location: Hamilton Township Offices

Level 2 Rides, Tues Sept 3 and Thurs Sept 5

Tues Sept 3, Level 2 Ride: Donegan Park Cobourg

Tuesday nights rides are “Steady Rides”, a more moderate Level 2 pace, more frequent stops for catching breath, having water and socializing. Level 1 riders who have been wanting to expand, may try our Level 2. We will take care of you!

Petra will take us out along Lakeshore and the Waterfront Trail to Grafton. Depending on stamina maybe as far as Station Rd.

Start Time: 6pm
Ride Leader: Petra Hartwig
Start Location: Donegan Park, parking lot, D’Arcy St Cobourg


Thurs Sept 5, Level 2 Ride: Sylvan Glen Pt. Hope

Thursday’s Level 2 Rides are “Training Rides”. While staying within the Level 2 parameters, they are on the upper range of speed and distance, there are fewer stops, but we continue to stay in a group.

Pam is taking us to beautiful Port Hope countryside. Hereis her description: “We’ll do a nice loop, distance to be determined by who shows up, through gorgeous countryside, enjoying the evening light and one another’s company. We will ride our hearts out (but not too fast!) until the sun starts sinking in the west. Don’t forget your lights!”

Start Time: 6pm
Ride Leader: Pam Tate
Start Location: Sylvan Glen Conservation Area Parking Lot, Sylvan Glen Rd, Port Hope, just north of the Dale Rd.



Level 3 Ride: Wednesday

Please Note: There will be no Monday night L3 Ride due to the Labour Day Holiday – have a great Weekend!

Level 3 Ride: Wednesday 4 September

The nights are getting shorter so a slightly shorter ride this evening. Some old roads, some new roads, different directions but all put together for what we hope is an enjoyable late season ride. Please do remember your lights – we will probably be chasing the last of the light as we head back to the start point.

Ride Leader: Allan Dennis
Start Time: 6:00pm
Sunset: 7:42pm
Route Map: L3 APD – Dobbie’s Debut (Link to details on RWGPS)
Distance & Elevation: 36.7km, +264m
Start Point: Hamilton Twp Council Offices Car Park


Level 1 Ride: Wednesday, Sept. 4th

This ride will start from the parking lot at the Port Hope High School. It will be an easy level one ride with lots of stops to rest and rehydrate. The summer is winding down, and days are getting shorter. Come on out and enjoy the warm summer evening! Keep in mind that the club motto is cycling for “Fun, fitness and friendship”.

Start Time: 6:00pm
Ride Leader: Dennis Benson
Start Location: Port Hope high school parking lot at 130 Highland Dr.
Sunset: 7:47 pm