Ride: Sunday June 26: “Butter Tart Run” 10am

Butter Tarts in Harwood! The Thursday ride goes there and so does this Sunday’s. We’ll start at The Mill and head up toward Harwood where we’ll take a break at the local store where they have awesome butter tarts and we can re-load our water bottles at the spring.

The distance will be 56km. There is a shortcut option that will add up to only 17km however you’ll miss the butter tarts!

Start time: 10:00am
Start location: The Mill Restaurant parking lot
Route map and directions: Butter Tart Run Route Map Here

Long Ride Leader: TBD
Short Ride Leader: TBD

Please comment below if you are coming and if you are interested in  riding the short or long route. We’ll need volunteers for leading the rides as well. Please indicate if you are willing to lead.


  1. I plan to ride Thursday as well as Sunday…….Paul knows how much I like butter tarts :o)
    Last year we got rained on , so hopefully this year the weather will cooperate.

  2. The butter tarts were great today! But there are also lots of other goodies and apparently there’s even peameal on a bun! Katie gave it a try. (Katie is our newest member…..just joined the club this morning) Looks like our club membership is up around 50!

  3. Looking forward to our first ride with the club. I will ride to Harwood to try the butter tarts, Heather will start with the shorter route. See you Sunday 🙂

  4. If there’s a short route, I’ll lead it. After the short route is complete I’ll be turning around and going counter clockwise along the long route to meet up with the crowd. (Don’t really need a butter tart since I had one on Thursday) 🙂 Anyone want to do this with me?

  5. Something has come up. We won’t be able to make it after all. Just don’t want you to wait for us. We will get there soon.

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