New website feature: The NHCC Message Board

Our website has a new feature—A discussion forum for people to post messages under a variety of topics.

Got a bicycle you want to sell? There’s a place to get the word out. Do you have some interesting pieces of advice that you could share with other club members? This is the place.

Take a look at the new NHCC Message Board

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2 Responses to New website feature: The NHCC Message Board

  1. Randy Albon says:

    Thank you Anita, this will be an awesome tool for our club members. I am hoping it gets lots of use.

  2. Jen Poole says:

    Yeah for the message board!!! I am away lots during the summer, but am hoping to keep riding in September right after work, so will use this to post impromptu rides!! Thanks Anita for adding this tool!!

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