Ride: Sunday Aug. 21st: “Bewdley and Back” (9am)

Just like on Thursday, we’ll go up to Bewdley, stop at the store there to load up on refreshments and then head back. There will be an optional shorter route if you are interested. Ride leaders are needed. Anyone is welcome to volunteer—all you need to do is be familiar with the route, and lead the way! (Don’t worry, you don’t need to always be in front either)

Start time: 9:00am
Start location: The Mill Restaurant, Cobourg
Route map and directions: “Bewdley and Back” route map

Long Ride Leader (51km): Vivian (Thanks for volunteering!)
Short Ride Leader (31km): We need a volunteer still

Please comment below if you are coming. Please mention if you are able to lead the ride too.

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7 Responses to Ride: Sunday Aug. 21st: “Bewdley and Back” (9am)

  1. vivian says:

    I plan to ride and can lead, weather permitting

  2. Paul Mills says:

    I plan to ride.

  3. Brendan and Heather says:

    Brendan and I will be there.

  4. nhcycling says:

    Randy, Liam and I will all be there (weather dependent)

  5. anitamacklin says:

    We just don’t know what to do……looking at the hour by hour weather it doesn’t look good, but looking at the live radar image it looks as though we might just be able to squeeze in the ride. Here’s the link to the radar http://www.weatheroffice.gc.ca/radar/index_e.html?id=WKR

    We’ll make a final decision about coming at around 8:30
    (Randy and Anita)

  6. Brendan and Heather says:

    Heather and I sharing Anita’s indecision. As much as we would love to go out for a ride this morning we are going to pass and catch up with everyone later this week. Hope the sun shines and the rain holds this morning. Enjoy your ride!

  7. anitamacklin says:

    Okay…..Randy and I are going. Rick Nonnekes is also coming. The radar seems to suggest a window of opportunity till about 11:30 or noon time so we’re going to go for it! We’ll likely modify our route to allow for a quick return to the car if necessary. We’ll be a couple minutes late….see you all!

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