Wednesday Sept. 14th: Evening Novice Ride (6:00pm)

Yes, that’s right! Another novice ride on Wednesday for those of you looking to get in another riding opportunity before the snow flies.

Start time: 6:00
Start location: Donegan Park
Route: To be determined by ride leader
Ride Leader: Rick Nonnekes

Please indicate by commenting if you will come out for the ride.


  1. How about riding from Donegan Park north on D’Arcy St. to Elgin St., east to Workman Rd, south to Hwy 2, west to Normar Rd., south to Willmott St., west and north to Hwy 2, west to Maplewood Ave., south to Hamilton St., west to Coverdale Rd., south to Lakeshore Rd, west to D’Arcy and Donegan Park. I’m “guestimating” that it’s about 12 or 13 km. I can lead the ride, too.

    • Hi Terry,
      I’ll ride a longer distance with you, if you are interested in 30k. Perhaps we can do the first part of the ride with the group and then carry on for a longer distance?

  2. I am also planning to ride.
    Sunset today is 7:29 PM. Legaly we don’t need lights until 7:59pm.
    That is two hours to ride the distance, If we get started right at 6

    • Terry,
      We’ll make sure we’re back by 7:30. We won’t want to be any later than that. So what we’ll do is ride for 45 minutes out then turn around and come back. Should end up being 30k or maybe even a bit more.

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