Sunday, November 20th: Ride at 10am

What sort of a bike club would we be if we didn’t do Bickle Hill one Sunday? So, here it is. And for those of you who might be feel a little intimidated by it, don’t! You can certainly do it if you pace yourself. If you go up and over and feel like you just want to cut the ride length you can take a little short cut in Camborne and then it’s easy riding the rest of the way back. And if you’re feeling great, there’s the Jamieson twins after that!  Do not stay home because you think you can’t……you can!  🙂

We’ll all ride at our own pace, and Novice riders—no need to worry. If you get part way up and say NoWay, you could just turn around and come back. How easy is that!

Start time: 10:00am
Start location: The abandoned parking lot at the corner of Theatre Rd. and Hwy 2.
Route: Bickle Hill and More route map here. (33km)

Are you up for the challenge?  Oh, c’mon! Let’s do it!


  1. So far it’s sounding like rain….but if it’s dry, I’m riding. No wimping out for me this time. We’ve got all winter long to purge closets, and the grass isn’t growing anymore!

  2. I’m up for the hills, as long as it is not raining. My son-in-law, Neil, would like to ride with us as well. He is a member of the OCA.

  3. That hill is only as big as you make it,stay positive ladies and gentlemen and you will pervail. Having said that, I’m glad I get to miss it. Wish I could have joined you. Maybe next time. 🙂

  4. I have to admit that, unlike Rich who is keen but needs his glasses, and Marianne who thinks that Bickel Hill sounds “fun”, I am totally, TOTALLY intimidated by those hills (in case you didn’t know that about me already). HOWEVER…I am prepared to give it a try but may turn back a some point if I feel that I am in over my head. I’ll try not to cry. Or swear. Or throw up…

    • It’s only your brain speaking…..once you get on the hill your body will take over and do the job, I just know you will! If you try it at a comfortable pace that suits you, you’ll reach the top and be smiling!

  5. Thanks Anita. You are so encouraging. But I need you to know that my “comfortable pace” up hills is SO slow that the rest of you will be tiny dots in the distance by the time I reach the top. You’ll be able to have a picnic waiting for me to catch up! And you’re right…I WILL be smiling when I reach the top. It’s the bottom of the hills that make me want to cry.

  6. So, here’s the deal…..
    Radar is showing a skinny but fairly heavyish band of rain between 9:30 and 10am. Then nothing much after that. It almost appears gauranteed to happen.

    Should we discuss postponing till 11:00? No formal decision here, just throwing out the possibility.

      • this is true…..some may be already getting dressed. So, unless we hear from them, I suppose the start time will remain 10.
        Also, I’m thinking I might not make it—I’ve been having all-over body aching since Friday, my head hurts and I’m coughing. I took 2 advil, but if I see any rain between now and 10:00 I’m staying home. So, if I’m not there, you all just go ahead without me.

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