EASY RIDE: Wednesday May 30, 7:00pm

It was a stellar turnout, with 25 people on our Monday ride. Let’s see if we can get that again on this Wednesday. We’ll meet at the Park on Carlisle Ave. and tour around town. Nice and easy. And we do mean Eeeeeeaaaasy! So, are you coming?

Start time: 7:00pm
Location: The park on Carlisle Ave. between Ewing and Westwood
Ride Leader: To be determined.
Route: To be determined.

It really helps us out if you comment below to say you’re coming. That way we can anticipate the size of the group and perhaps plan ahead whether or not we’ll need to break the group up into smaller ones.


  1. Going a bit rogue here… It promises to be a perfect night for a bike ride? Wwould anyone like to do a 30+Km ride this evening at a decent pace?

  2. The radar looks pretty clear, but it sure does look and feel as though we are on the verge of rain. I’m holding out on a decision about whether or not I’m riding until about 6:30 when i’ll check radar again.

  3. The radar has one small green blob, and it’s spitting ever so slightly. I’m going to take a leap of faith and hope the rain holds off. I’ll be at the park and if anyone wants to ride, we’ll ride! If nobody’s there, I come home! Simple!

  4. Six of us rode tonight and had a great time! Just goes to show y’all that you should never pay attention to the weather outside, even if it does look like rain.

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