Sunday May 20, Ride from Bewdley (35, 48 or 94km)

Just like Thursday. That’s how we do it in these parts…..we sort of “preview” the Sunday ride by doing it on Thursdays. So if you miss it one day, you can catch it on the other. Or, better yet, ride both times and try it at two different speeds.

Choose what suits you the most. The 48km regular route starts in Bewdley, with a 25km short & leisurely option. There’s also an extended option**, (see below).

The Scenic Group:
Ride slower, enjoy the sunshine and the scenery—the 35km route is recommended for you if that’s your style. This group is usually small, but riders stay together, and nobody gets left behind. Care to slow it down a little and lead this ride? It doesn’t require any special skill, just a little desire to ride & keep others company. Please comment below if you can do this on Sunday. 

Regular Group:
The 48km route is for those of you who want to ride a little longer. Bring a little $ if you want to grab a snack or two at the Harwood Store.

The Non-Stoppers
If you wish to be a non-stopper, expect to go a little faster. If you find yourself dropping behind, that’s okay too—you can join up again with the regular crowd when they catch up.

Start time: 10:00am
Start location:Bewdley Arena
Route Map: “The Scenic Route” (35, 48, or 94km options)  route map here

UPDATE: The route map shows 35, 48 and 94km options. (not 25 as previously planned). Also, please be forewarned that the short route is not flat—it’s hilly enough to be challenging for some.

**Extended option (96km)

Start at The Mill Restaurant at 8:30. That will give you 75 minutes to ride the 23 km required to reach the start point in Bewdley. And of course you’ll need to ride back again afterward.  🙂
UPDATE: The Thursday group needed 15 minutes more in order to arrive in Bewdley on time, so plan to leave The Mill at 8:30 instead of the originally planned 8:45.

Please reply below and mention which group you might choose to ride with.


  1. At this point I’m thinking 94 but I know I won’t be doing it at Sharon’s pace! Is there a 94km “regular” rider subgroup that needs to get off their butt at times? 🙂

  2. I’m in for the 94. And I guess I can be considered “regular” We will have to leave at 8:30 in order to be in Bewdley at 10 cuz it’s a hilly ride north!

  3. Brendan and I are up for the 48 km ride. Just confirming, this ride leaves at 10am?
    Looking forward to a beautiful ride.

  4. Randy and I will be waiting for you 96ers at the corner of Cornish Hollow and Dale Rd. rather than riding down to the Mill. We’ll be there at 8:40

  5. I won’t be able to make the ride. Stuff with the sale of the house. Hope to ride next week.

  6. what a great day ! even the drive home from Bewdley was nice – winding down Cavan, Canning, McBride, DeJong, Fergson (so much better downhill & in a car)…

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