EASY RIDE: Wednesday August 1st, 7:00pm

The days are getting shorter (a little) but we still have time to get in an hour and fifteen minute ride. We just want to remind everyone that this will be an EASY ride, with speeds appropriate for the newest riders. Experienced people…..come on out and see how good it feels to cruise along at a nice easy pace. It does your body good!

Start time: 7:00pm
Location: Cobourg Memorial Rink and Recreation Centre on Furnace St.
Route Map: “Easy Route 2” 24 or 32 km route map here
Ride Leader: Volunteer Needed 

Please comment below to say you’re coming to the ride. Does anyone want to lead this ride?


  1. Tonight I cannot ride…..so I’m hoping that with the provision of the map, and familiarity with the route means that everyone should be able to self-organize and ride safely without my presence. 🙂
    By the way, those taking the short route: Rather than going down Harwood and turning on Van Luven, please go instead to Community Centre Rd. and weave your way down to Nagle that way. It’s a little safer. Hopefully someone experienced will be there tonight and explain it better.

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