RIDE in Port Hope—Tuesday July 24th Easy Ride (7:00)

There seems to be enough interest in the Port Hope ride that we will extend them to the end of August. For the month of July we’ll be meeting every Tuesday at the Port Hope Town Hall at 7:00. If you wish to ride over there from Cobourg, meet at Canadian Tire at 6:20.

A note about speed:
The pace of the group on our evening rides is designed to serve the needs of the newest riders. And that means EASY! No neck breaking speed, no pushing up humungo hills……just some comfortable paced pedalling. Sure, the experienced among us might also be there, but that’s because we are there to support, encourage, and ride alongside our new riders. Nobody gets left behind, and we take as many breaks as necessary to ensure the operative term here….EASY!

Start time: 7:00 pm (6:20 from Canadian Tire Cobourg)
Start location: Port Hope Town Hall
Ride leader: Pam Tate

Please comment below so Pam can have an idea how many might be there and plan a suitable route. Also please mention if you want to ride over from Cobourg.


  1. My son ( almost 17 ) has been showing interest in cycling. Are you still taking new members?
    I will be buying him a bike for his birthday. Are the bikes at Canadian Tire or WalMart good enough for a beginner? I’ve got a $200 limit to spend.
    Do you have any suggestions when picking out a bike for long rides? Thin tires, or thick ect…
    We live in PH, so I was happy to see a group here.

    • Hi Tina – some folks may not have seen this – if they’re not usual Tuesday night riders… Perhaps you’d like to send an email through the “contact” button. “Head office” is on holidays but would get back to you soon enough after their return… , Sorry I can’t help… I just walked into a trusted bike shop & said “I have this much, what can I get” – like kid in a candy shop!

  2. Hey All!
    I’m working in Bowmanville until 6 so I should be able to make it. In the event that I’m late, do we know the route yet? I don’t mind playing catch up if I know I’ll run into you eventually!

  3. I am aiming to join the ride from PH Town Hall. I will be coming back from Oshawa, about 6 p.m. and will hop on my bike as soon as I get home.

  4. Tonight’s route will be similar to the one that we did with Heather in the lead a couple of weeks ago but we will begin by going down along the lake (for about two seconds) before heading north again up Elgin St. to Ward. James, you might want to try to catch up with us around Elgin and Ward; it should only take us about 15 minutes to get there from the starting point although we may want to leap into Lake Ontario as we pass by the inviting waves! Hopefully that will give you enough extra time to catch up. If not, we will be going out Ward St, then up Rose Glen Rd to Telephone Rd. Given the heat, this will be a slo-o-o-ow ride. Hope to see you James. And everyone else too.

  5. Oh, and a note for Tina…You might want to give Geirge a call at Port Hope Bicycle on Cavan St. He will be able to advise you re the pruchase of a bike for your son. His number is 905 885 1077.

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