Sunday July 8th Ride: “Bewdley and Back” (54 km) *Starting 9:00am

Just like Thursday, it’s the “Bewdley and Back” route.

Route Notes: Start at The Memorial Arena instead of The Mill restaurant. The route can be made shorter (about 34km) by turning right at Kennedy Rd. (rather than left) and heading back the way you came.

Start time: 9:00am
Start location: The arena on Furnace St., Cobourg
Route Map: “Bewdley and Back” route map here

Pack Leader (Non-stoppers): Need a volunteer
Pack Leader #1 (Regular group): Need a volunteer
Pack Leader (Scenic group): Need a volunteer 

The “Tour de Northumberland Hills” Stage 8 (15.4 km)!
By the way, Stage 8 of the “Tour de Northumberland Hills” means riding 15.4 km on Sunday. Easy distance to do, so this one’s a no-brainer.

Please indicate if you are planning to ride and if you can be a pack leader.


  1. Way too hot for me. I’m melting here and I’m not even moving. What a wimp, eh? I’ll try to get out on my own later in the early evening when it’s cooler and I’m not so cranky.

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