Tour de NorthumberlandHills Winner of Week 1

[insert big drum roll]. Well, here it is,the moment we have all been waiting for! The winner of Week 1 of the Tour de Northumberland Hills is none other than……..MikeMcLellan. He wins a $50 gift certificate from Port Hope Bicycle. Congratulations, Mike! Unfortunately we don’t have any podium girls to present it to you, so you can swing by PHB anytime and pick it up.

Also, George wanted to make mention of the great efforts put forth by Lorna Dickson and Maria Garrett who completed every stage! So, there’s a little something for each of you two over at PHB.

One last thing……We know how tough and challenging this sport is, so prize winners are expected to submit to a drug test prior to receiving their prizes–It’s only fair you know!   🙂

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