Final Plans for the 100km tomorrow

The weather is forecasting 40% chance of rain for the afternoon, which means there’s a 60% chance that it won’t! Hopefully everyone is hydrating well (drinking lots of water) today, and checking over your bikes.

Please note that we do not have a Support car accompanying us on this trip. So, it is essential that everyone has a “plan B” in the event that you can’t complete the distance. (i.e. have a cell phone and someone you can call to pick you up if necessary).

If you’ve done the distance before, you know what to expect. A long, hefty distance! As we cautioned first timers—if before, if you’re quite comfortable completing 60km+ distances fairly regularly, you’ll probably be okay. If your distances are usually 20, 30 and 40k then it might not be for you. Only you can decide!

Let’s hope for no rain! See you all at Donegan Park tomorrow morning. Good luck to all who are riding!

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