Thursday, October 18th: Ride to Bewdley and Back

It’s been a while since we rode into Bewdley. This route is 54.4 km long and there are a few hills (just sayin…..) We’re not sure about the condition of Crossen Rd., and it’s quite a substantial downhill so we may have to plan an alternative—has anyone checked it out lately and can report on its condition?

You don’t need to ride like the wind, either. If you are wanting to ride but are a little unsure about whether or not you can keep up, please mention it below and you might be surprised to find that there are others who’d love to ride at a nice leisurely pace too!

Start time: 10:00am
Start location: The Mill Restaurant parking lot
Ride Leader: Anita Macklin
Route: Bewdley and Back route map here

Please indicate that you will join us for the ride. (It helps us to know how many to expect, plus it’s fun to anticipate and get excited about seeing everyone!)


  1. I rode Crossen road today. There are two patches of Gravel at the bottom of the hill. Nothing that a little care can’t get you through. The views on the road are too nice to miss.

  2. Its supposed to be warm and sunny……I will be there! But I have to be home by 12:30 so I have to either ride fast or chop off a small portion of the ride somewhere. See y’all!

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