Novice Ride Program—Planning & Brainstorming Meeting

Spring is coming and we’ve got work to do! As promised at our Annual General Meeting we are assembling a few people to brainstorm, plan, and structure a really great Novice (Easy) Ride program this year. If you are one of our “new” riders it’s your opportunity to get involved, share your experiences, and help develop some ideas to make it a rewarding experience for new riders in the NHCC. Experienced riders who have great ideas and also remember what it was like when you were getting started are most welcome too!

Don’t worry—you won’t be roped into a whole bunch of work. Just a meeting or two to get ideas rolling. Some of the things we want to accomplish are:

  • Identify opportunities for improvement
  • Develop a structure for skills development
  • Explore ways to connect new riders with others
  • Establish some safety expectations
  • Plan some workshops for bike maintenance
  • Discuss routes

Date: Tuesday January 22, 2013
Time: 7:00pm
Place: Cycle Transitions

Please indicate by commenting below if you want to help out. (Helps me plan!) If you can’t make it but want to get your two cents worth in, please email us and we’ll make sure your ideas get thrown onto the table too.


  1. I will be there!.To thow a thought out in the cyber universe on this topic what do we think about renaming/rebranding it, one suggestion would be The Easy and Recovery Ride? As well to add a legend on the web site explaining what this and the other terms that we use sucdh as Regular, Scenic..etc.

    • I know what you mean, and I agree. Last year we often referred to them as “Easy Rides” and other times “Evening Ride” because the term “Novice Ride” didn’t cover folks who are there for “recovery”, or other reasons. But yes, let’s think of the best way to brand it!

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