Thursday May 23: Ride from The Mill 10am

The weather man says the temperature drops to 10°C in the afternoon, so you might want to wear some warm gloves. Everyone starts at the same time. Both Levels 3 and 4 ride together up until we are on Kennedy Rd. where Level 3s turn right at Jamieson Rd. and the others continue on to Bewdley before rejoining the route on Cavan Rd. With any luck, both levels will meet up at some point and finish together.

Start time: 10am
Start location: parking lot at The Mill Restaurant
Route Map (Level 3): 41km Printable route map or Link on Ride with GPS
Route Map (Level 4): 56km Printable route map or Link on Ride with GPS

Ride Leader for Level 3: To be determined
Ride Leader for Level 4: Anita Macklin

If you don’t make it out on Thursday, no worries. We do the same route on Sundays so that those who work during the week don’t miss out on anything. And if you ride on Thursday and then again on Sunday then great! You’ll see new faces, you’ll know the route, and you will be just that much better. 🙂


  1. Not sure if I can ride tomorrow but if I did, I would ride the longer route just to avoid the Jamieson twins!

  2. The weather shows “a little rain at 9:00” so I think we will be okay. We can re-assess at the last minute. I’ll be there if there’s no active rainfall happening. Long route for me! And I guess I’ll volunteer to be ride leader.

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